Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wizarding Wednesdays!

Hidey ho! Here I am, all hopped up on "Smallville"! I'm currently on the 21st episode of the 8th season.... Why do these seasons have to be so loooooong? Lol. So, after reading copious amounts of the new series of "Batgirl" the comic book last night, I have decided that if you are a chick and want to get into comics (Deadlie Mercury, I'm talking to you), "Batgirl" is the place to start. Basically, the new Batgirl is a somewhat ditzy, disaster magnet. I love it because she is just like me, only she can kick way more ass. You watch her go through most things a late teen's/early 20's chick does. Things like, making time for school and friends and boys, having awkward run-ins with her ex, and constantly seeking approval. Other first time comics for chicks to read include "Supergirl", "Fables", "Brids of Prey" and "Gotham City Sirens". They are all female empowermenty, have good stories and are incredibly easy to relate to, considering it could never really happen.

My apologies for playing the "girl power" card. If you haven't noticed, I'm buying time, because I don't have those promised character sheets for Aberrant... I kinda, sorta, fell asleep at the table last week, and I have no idea where we're at. Sorry! Hopefully tonight will be a "Lunch Money" kind of night. "Lunch Money" is a super fun card game based on girls in the playground catfighting. You basically just kick the crap out of each other (with our imaginations, not physically). It keeps me engaged much more that RPG games do, I'm sad to say. I just have a short attention span, kind of like that of a goldfish. It's part of my charm. I'll be back tomorrow with "Hot Nerd Thursday". Blog ya later!

Best. Game. Ever.


  1. Your words reach my ears carly, and I will get on that. Like, actually. Unlike the stack of comics mike lent me or the buffy comics my pal maura lent me. ;) I need to find some reading commitment!


  2. I'll give you what you need, baby. ;-)

  3. I just want to add to the list of "Why Batgirl kicks ass"... She's a librarian!

  4. All the librarians I know in real life are totally kick ass! ;-)