Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just to Clear the Air About the Whole "Marvel Thing"....


Let me begin by saying that I never said I didn't like Marvel. Never ever did I say that. I do have some feminist issues with things over at both Marvel and DC, but at no point did I say I didn't like Marvel. I prefer DC to Marvel for the most part, but I also prefer Image to DC, but that doesn't mean I don't like DC. I'm open to anything in the comic world, really. When it really comes down to it, I do like the more independent stories (Fables, Y the Last Man, The Walking Dead, Air, The Unwritten, Sweet Tooth) more and I don't know why. I've never been a big "capes" girl. The X-Men were my first exposure to comics, and they hold a big place in my heart, and I guess part of the reason I get so "razzed up" about Marvel, it's that when they make a movie, I don't think they don't do the characters or the stories justice (up until Iron Man). The Editor thinks I'm getting upset, and I assure you I'm not. I just want it to be known that I never said I didn't like Marvel.

There seems to be some confusion in what I said about Marvel movies. If you go back and read the post "More DC/Marvel BS" all I say is basically that I PERSONALLY feel like DC movies have more drama and Marvel movies have more explosions. Yeah, I slam Stan Lee, but that's only because I think he's a dick. At the end of the day, I think they're both just fine. What it came down to for me was I PERSONALLY preferred one over the other. I also finished that post by saying how disappointed I was that both companies were throwing away characters that would be appealing to me, personally. If you did happen to take notice of the Halloween and Comic Con Pictures, you'll also notice that I was dressed up as a Marvel character for both.

I hated her so much that I HAD to BE her!!!
In the post that opened the floodgates (I <3 DC Comics) the only place I can see people thinking I was "slamming" Marvel is when I compared "Marvel Divas" to "Gotham City Sirens". As far as that goes, all I have to say is this: I own the first issue of both comics. You read them and tell me which one is the bigger piece of shit.

In closing, when it comes to comics I am an equal opportunity employer. I love Rogue, Emma Frost and Ms. Marvel just as much as I love Batgirl, Catwoman and Harley Quinn. When it comes to ensembles, I actually prefer the X-Men to the JLA. That does in no way mean that I don't like DC. Content is content, and if I like your story, I like your story, if I don't I don't. End of story.

Below is further photographic proof that I have no beef with Marvel.

A series of pics of Marvel characters proudly displayed in the Nerdatorium.

The lunchbox I keep my spare derby wheels in.

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