Friday, November 12, 2010

Things You Should be Friday

Things You Should Be Listening To...

Girl Talk- This is the most amazing thing you will ever listen to. Do you like music? If your answer is "yes", there is a 95% change you will love this. Gregg Michael Gillis is the real name of the Philadelphia born DJ that is "Girl Talk". The songs are all "mashups". If you are unfamiliar with a mashup, its basically where you take different songs and put them together. The beats match, and it sounds like the song was supposed to flow that way. This music is good to listen to in any scenario. I especially like it at the gym, because it helps the time go by really quickly. Having a party and you don't know what music to play? Girl Talk will save the day!

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old- Another gem from the SModcast network! Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith's weekly podcast.  The podcast talks about upcoming projects and everyday life. The podcast was created to help with Mewes' drug addiction, and help him stay off drugs by being accountable for himself. It's inspiring and hillarious.

Things You Should be Watching...

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret- This show is written, produced and created by David Cross (Tobias on Arrested Development). Todd Margaret is a temp who gets thrown into an international sales position for the energy drink company he works for. Todd has no experience, but everyone is expecting him to do a good job. Todd decides that he's going to lie to try and make things better, but things just keep getting sooooo much worse. Will Arnett plays the role of Cross' boss in the show. The trailer sums it up better :-)

Things You Should Be Reading...

Batgirl- The new volume is up to #15, and it is an amazing read. Anything that needs to be said about it, was said in Wednesday's post, so refer to Wednesday's post to learn more!

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