Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I Don't Get: Jersey Shore Edition

Happy Sunday! On this day of our lord The Editor, Russel H. and Tiffany W. have decided to have a "Jersey Shore" season 2 marathon. When The Editor announced this to me yesterday, my response was to immediately find something else to do. I've been hold up in my bedroom watching"Smallville" for the past 5 hours.

I don't get it. I really really don't. I watched the first season and, not going to lie, I enjoyed it. I like to be entertained. I got it the first season. It was new and exciting and something for people to laugh about at the water cooler. What I want to know is why the hell do we still think this is funny? The same thing happens every episode. Ronnie and Sammy fight. Snooki is irritating. JWow plays with her boobs. Angelina looks like a muppet. And "The Situation", Vinnie, and DJ Pauly D manage to stay in neutral territory, all while collecting as many STD's as possible  These people are not interesting, and they certainly don't have anything to add to society, so why does everyone still tune in? When the point comes that I can't even turn on non-cable stations without seeing these people, we have a problem. Nay, an epidemic. It's disgusting that people look up to these idiots as role models. I mean, really? It's totally okay to have people promoting alcohol poisoning, skin cancer, STD's and generally inane behavior? The girls refer to a man who likes to work out, and is obviously on steroids as a "Juicehead". Yeah, that's exactly what I hope my daughter comes home with some day. Maybe my son will meet a nice stripper too.

How many STD's can you count in this picture?
I'm not scrutinizing people for watching it. I myself watch some sub-par programming too. All I'm asking is why do these people belong on a pedestal? What exactly have they done to deserve it except for drink, smoke, tan, and "smoosh"? When you're watching the show, thinking about how white trash these people are just remember, they're probably earning at LEAST 3 times as much as you do annually, just by being total assholes. Sleep tight!

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