Friday, April 29, 2011

Boston Comic Con Weekend!

 Hey everyone! Today's post is going to be just like the pre-Albany con post. I'm going to tell you a little bit about what's going on at the Boston Con this weekend, and then when I get back, I'll give you all of the highlights!

Since we'll be gone for the majority of the weekend, there will probably be no posts until Monday. At that point, I'm sure you'll be getting a post from me, and from Evan T. as well. Double dose! Anyhoo, on with the show!

Boston Comic Con Highlights and Excitement:

Artists I'm looking forward to include:

* J. Scott Campbell (Gen 13, Amazing Spiderman, Danger Girl, True Blood)
* Adam Hughes (Catwoman, DC Comics Presents, Power Girl, Wonder Woman)
* Tim Sale (JSA All Stars, Batman: Dark Victory, Batman: The Long Halloween)
* J. G. Jones (Wanted)
* Ryan Ottley (Invincible, Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark)

There are TONS of other artists who will be there as well, these are just the few that I am most excited about.

In addition to artists alley, there will also be a TON of vendors there. There aren't a ton of comics that The Editor and I are looking for, but we'll be digging for sure!

Once again, I'll be sporting my "Super Knocked Up" tee shirt to help with the promotion of the web-series, so if you see me, say HI, and I'll have a prize for you!

I'm kinda bummed out because I cosplayed the hell out of NYCC, and they're totally having Robin meet up, and I can't participate, because I'm the size of a small country at the moment. I'm really looking forward to NYCC, so I can rock Ms. Marvel once again. I love dressing up :-)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and if you're in the Boston area, make sure you pop in and say HI!

The Con will be held at the Hynes Convention Center, and you can click HERE for more info!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Theatrical Thursday: Jersey Shore Edition

When the videos for today's post came into my inbox, I could NOT stop laughing. For those of you who know my disdain for "Jersey Shore", you'll understand why I love these videos so much. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Superheroes from Around the World: Germany!

Hello everyone! I thought I'd take a couple of Wednesdays and do some independent research on superheroes from other countries. After the USA, Carly on Comics has the most views from people in Germany (Guten Tag German readers!), so I thought I'd throw some love to them first.

This project proved to be a more difficult task than I had originally thought. Not because there wasn't a lot of information on German super heroes, its because apparently, not a lot of German superheros exist. There were a few though, so I'll start with the one who is seemingly the most popular. 

Franz Mittelstaedt AKA Blitzkrieger first appeared in "Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1" (1989). He was part of the larger German Superhero group Schutz-Heiliggruppe.

 The following is all of the information I could find in Blitzkrieger via the Wiki page:

Not much has been revealed regarding the early history of Franz Mittelstaedt, save that he was struck by electrical energy from a faulty generator which granted him superhuman powers. With these powers, he called himself Blitzkreig and began a career as a costumed crime fighter. At one point, he was transported alongside various other international heroes by the alien Grandmaster in order to participate in a so-called Contest of Champions, but he returned at the end of the encounter. Later, he was seen among those who helped the spaceknight Rom against the alien Dire Wraiths.

At some point, Mittelstaedt joined a group of German superheroes, the Schutz-Heiliggruppe, and he was among their number when the team was sent to remand the Nazi criminal Red Skull to Germany to stand trial for war crimes, although the Skull later escaped. 

Later still, Mittelstaedt was on assignment in South America where he was accosted by the villain Zeitgeist, also known as Everyman, who killed Mittelstaedt. Mittelstaedt is survived by his wife and son.

If there is anyone out there that can  point me in another direction as far as a German superhero goes, I would muchly appreciate it. I went with Blitzkrieger because Google gave me the most results for him, but I'm sure that there are more out there that I don't know about, but would love to! I hope y'all at least learned a little today, and I can't wait to do this again next week!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Jennifer Schwalback Smith!

Okay, The Editor told me that this one was kind of a reach. However, that being said, I am in LOVE with Jennifer right now, so I vetoed The Editor.

Jen is the wife of director Kevin Smith. Most notably, you'd know her as Missy from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". She is the one who is not Shannon Elizabeth, and not Ali Larter. Jen has been in several of Kevin's movies including "Zach and Miri Make a Porno", "Clerks 2" and "Jersey Girl". She was also featured in an episode of the Canadian teen drama "DiGrassi". She will be starring in the Kevin Smith directed horror movie "Red State" as Esther this Fall.
In her pre-View Askewniverse days Jen was a successful journalist with USA today. She attended the University of Florida for two years before moving to LA to finish up her degree in Political Science. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed feminist, and she's constantly fighting for equality for the ladies.
In 1999, Kevin and Jen welcomed their daughter, Harley Quinn Smith into the world. I mean, how can you name your daughter "Harley Quinn" and not win some geek cred there?!
Jen has always stood by her husband, and been the rock for him. Most recently the couple began podcasting together. They started "Plus One", part of the SModcast Network, around Christmastime, and it is AMAZING. Jen is a huge science and news nerd, and her most quotable phrase from the show (which I have on a tee shirt that I proudly display) is "The fishies have no eyes!", which is in reference to a group of fish that mysteriously washed up on the shore with their eyes missing.
Jen is a science and tech dork (often proclaiming her love for Twitter co-founder Jack Dorissey), and she's an awesome wife and mom. Those are the reasons I made her Hot Nerd this week :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Movie Meltdown

So The Editor, Evan T., myself and a couple of other nerds got into a heated discussion last Nerd Night regarding the upcoming Summer superhero movies. The question posed was "Which movie will do awesome, and which one(s) will flop?". I really need to invest in some sort of audio recorder, because the conversation was so dorky and got so much nerd rage going, that I feel I need to share it with the world. Anyhoo, here were our findings...

The movies that were worthy of making this list were; X-Men: first Class, Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern. The boys all picked their pony and the findings were very interesting.

The movies ended up basically in two categories, top of the list and bottom of the list. We were all in agreement that Thor and Cap would be in the top 2, and X-Men and Green Lantern would be in the bottom two. My personal thoughts top grossing to least grossing are as follows: Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, X-Men.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of Ryan Reynolds, and also a HUGE fan of DC, but lets face it, besides the Dark Knight franchise, DC isn't exactly making the best superhero movies. I mean, I LOVED Watchmen, but I can totally understand why people didn't. It was marketed as something it wasn't, and it was too smart for a lot of moviegoers. The story should have been told on screen 20 years ago when it had more relevance. Also, just watching the Green Lantern trailer makes me cringe a little. I think that the hokey factor is through the roof, and anyone who isn't familiar with the source material is going to be sitting there going "Why the 'ef did I just pay $10 to see a talking squirrel, and a bunch of dudes who can be killed by the color yellow?".

Again, DC misses the mark. They have every opportunity to make some kick ass stuff, but they don't listen to their audience. For the 1,000,000th time I ask, "Why no Wonder Woman movie?". Dudes would TOTALLY go out to watch a hot chick in tight clothes kicking ass, and girls would watch because, hell, it's friggen' Wonder Woman! I mean, lets look at the new upcoming Superman movie for a second. Once again, from what I understand, we will be told Clark Kent's origin story. Ew. I mean, really? Can't we just do it Superman:Earth One style and just address it in flashbacks? Or maybe take a cue from the newest Hulk movie, and do the origin in the opening credits? Until DC starts listening to its fans, they're not going to be able to beat Marvel at the box office. Plain and simple.

Next up on the chopping block is X-Men: First Class. I'm a HUGE X-Men fan, but *YAAAAAAAWN*. I really don't care. I mean, literally I could. Not. Give. A. Shit. I like my X-Men, I like their stories, I don't really give a rats ass about their origin. I think it being set in the 60's is a bad move because the plot is going to be lost on a lot of their core audience. You think that a 10 to 18 year old is going to understand the historical ramifications of what is going on in that time period? Try and ask a 14 year old who Celine Dion is, and they'll look at you like "Who the 'ef is that?". It's nice that they feel that we need a whole movie explaining Eric and Xavior's history, but I think the vast majority of people just want to see the X-Men kicking ass and taking names. Also, as pretty as she is, I've watched "Mad Men" and I'm reeeeeeally wondering in January Jones has the acting chops to pull off Emma Frost. I just hope we don't turn this into another "X-Men 3"...

Which brings me to Thor. Hmmmmm.... Evan T. seems to think that this will be the movie to win big at the box office. I disagree because at the end of the day, who really gives a shit about Thor? I mean that in the nicest way possible. I have NEVER been tempted to pick up a Thor comic. Not ever. I like Norse gods and fantasy and medieval, mythical settings, I just am not in the least bit excited to see this. I think it will do well at the box office because Thor is an Avenger and when they make the Avengers movie, I have a feeling that we'll be seeing him again, so we'll want to learn what we can about him and how it ties to the franchise. I think kids will like this movie because it seems like fun. There's a hammer and a god of thunder, and all sorts of cool fantasy type backgrounds, so I think it allows your imagination to run away with you a little more since it is not necessarily completely grounded in reality. One last little sidenote about the casting in this one: I honestly used to LOVE Natalie Portman, but she has now reached Zoe Saldana territory for me. I'm soooo tired of seeing her in every movie I watch. I'm hoping that she pops this kid out and disappears for a while, so I can miss her and begin to mend my love for her again.

Last but not least, there is Captain America. Love him or hate him, Cap has always been an A-lister in the Marvel world. His story is fantastic, albeit a little "Austin-Powers"ish, but at the end of the day Cap is a mans man. He is one of the leaders of the Avengers, and he has old timey values, just like one of the most beloved DC figureheads, Superman. He believes in truth, justice and the American way. I think the combination of story, likable actors, and the fact that he has the word "America" in his title, will make this the blockbuster. Also, if you watch the trailer, you see Steve Rogers as a weak, dorky looking guy who wants to fight for his country, and gets rejected because he's too small. He volunteers for the super soldier project and becomes a powerhouse! It's the classic "ugly duckling to swan" scenario, and who doesn't want to see that? Of all of the trailers I watched, this one was the only one that gave me goosebumps. Also, three words "Tommy Lee Jones".

I'll have to ask my authority on comic book movies what he thinks about all of these movies to really be able to see where the cards will most likely fall. My authority is my 9 year old nerd buddy, Clark, who lives across the street and he's awesome.Anyhoo, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I'm sorry for dumping a huge post on you this early in the week, but I've been storing all of these thoughts since last Wednesday, so I had a lot to say. Have a super week, and I'll blog ya back here tomorrow!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Weekend!

Hey y'all! I'm feeling a bit on the mend at the moment (and actually making a fruit tart for Easter tomorrow!), so I figured I'd drop a little something for the weekend.

Every year the Washington Post holds a Peeps diorama contest which is lovingly called "The Peeps Show". It's one of those things I look forward to every year. Here are some samples!

To check out all of the entries from this year, as well as years past, you can find them HERE at the Washington Post's website!

 Have a great weekend everyone!

Programming Note

Hey everyone! I've been really really REALLY under the weather for the past couple of day, so I apologize for not posting. Hopefully I'll be back online and ready to deliver you some dorkiness tomorrow. Hope you all have a great holiday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remembering Sarah Jane

Hey everyone! There was some super sad news in the Dr. Who world earlier in the week, so I just thought I'd take today's post to write a little something about the beautiful Elisabeth Sladen.
  Ms. Sladen was bet known for her role as Sarah Jane on Dr. Who from 1973-1976. She has been a recurring character with each doctor in subsequent years. She is probably the best known Who companion, and in 2007 she received her own show on the BBC called The Sarah Jane Adventures. Robot dog K-9, and David Tennant were both special guests on the show.

In her life outside of Dr. Who, she had a wonderful marriage with fellow actor Brian Miller. The two have been married since 1968. Elisabeth and Brian have a daughter together named Sadie, who appears alongside he mother in the Dr. Who documentary "Thirty Years in the TARDIS".
After a short battle with cancer, the 63 year old actress succumbed to her illness on April 19th, leaving Dr. Who fans with a void where their beloved Sarah Jane used to be. The new series of Dr. Who will be premiering this Saturday, and a spokesperson for the show has said that they have something very suitable planned to pay tribute to this fantastic Dr. Who icon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Review: Game of Thrones

Last night I watched the new HBO craze "Game of Thrones" twice, once by myself and once with The Editor. We both agree that it was a good show, but we also both agreed that it wasn't necessarily deserving of a 9.5 rating on IMDB.
The cinematography was absolutely amazing. It was filmed mainly in Northern Ireland and Scotland, and it was completely beautiful to look at. HBO gave a big budget for the show, and it totally paid off. They also have some totally great people in the cast including Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), Lena Heady (of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame), Peter Dinklage (most well known to me as Miles Finch in Elf) and Mark Addy whom you may recognize from the TV show Still Standing or the movie A Knights Tale.
The show features Sean Bean as Eddard Stark
The story (so far) features three families. The Stark family of the North, The royal family and The Targaryen Family, a once noble family who was dethroned by the now royal family. I had to watch the show twice just to figure out who was related and how. The story starts out with some mythological elements in the beginning featuring a gang of supernaturals who murder people in the woods. Later in the story they discuss dragons eggs, and awakening the dragon, so I'm assuming we'll go back into that stuff later on.
Scary mythical woods!
The show was a little bit "Thor" and a little bit "Rome" to me. The family in the North was seemingly very viking-ish, whereas the family across the Narrow Sea is very Rome-esque. The show features lots of gruesome moments, as well as some suuuuuper uncomfortable incesty moments that will make you cringe. Oh, and there are boobs galore. Of course there is. It wouldn't be on HBO if there wasn't.
Pretty girls and horses!
All and all, I really liked the show. I'm totally into Medieval fantasy type shows. I am, however, very surprised that it got the critical acclaim that it did. I feel like if this show had been on BBC America, and not on HBO, I would be getting made fun of for liking it, but because it's on HBO, it's okay to watch. I don't want to dive too far into the plot because I don't want to ruin things for those of you who haven't seen it.
Peter Dinklage!
At very least, I would give the show a try. I feel like the story is going to get very interesting very quickly, and I can't wait to see where it goes! In the meantime, the show was based on the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin, so if you want major spoilers, go pick up these books.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Katee Sackhoff!

I can't believe I didn't think of her sooner... Katee was born and raised in Oregon, and like most of our Hot Nerds she was heavily into theater during high school. After high school, she decided to movie to California and try out her acting chops.

Starting her career in 1998, Sackhoff was in a number of different failed TV shows and made for TV movies. Her first film role came in 2002, with the movie "Halloween: Resurrection". After "Halloween" Katee did some voice work for "Halo 3", and took parts in the TV shows "Bionic Woman", and "Nip/Tuck". It wasn't until 2004 that Katee got the role that she is best known for, the role of Starbuck in "Battlestar Gallactica".
Since BSG ended in 2009, Katee hes kept herself busy with playing the part of Dana Walsh in "24" as well as doing voice work for both "Superhero Squad" (she plays She Hulk!) and "Robot Chicken". She also had a pretty amazing and memorable guest role playing herself on "The Big Bang Theory".
From what I understand Katee is one of the most profoundly awesome celebrities out there. She is a staple at most large comic-cons, and she is incredibly approachable. The only warning about her is that you don't want to take her on in a nerd challenge, because she's full of nerd knowledge and could easily beat you.

If you get a chance, you should check out her website. She has a pretty kick ass blog on there, which she updates pretty regularly

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Randomness: Penguins!

I love penguins. They're my favorite! My brain is so tired I am unable to function, so here a a few vids of penguins being their adorable selves!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slacker Sunday: Albany Comic Con Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Hopefully you're all having a wonderful, sunny weekend, just like I am. I'm in a great mood because I just got back from Albany Comic Con, and as you all well know, comic cons can cure whatever ails you, so I'm in a fantastic mood!

Some of the Highlights

Jamal Igle- This guy has worked on a TON of comic books, including Iron Man, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I got to meet him today, and he signed issue #53 of the current Supergirl series for me, which he not only penciled, but also did the cover art. He is a super nice guy. More info on Jamal can be found HERE.

Jeff Burns- Jeff is a local filmmaker, who is currently working on the webseries "Super Knocked Up". I've been corresponding with him for sometime via Facebook, but finally met him face to face for the first time today.  I'm so glad that I'm helping out with this project because Jeff is one of the most sincerely nice guys I've ever met. He gave me a tee shirt, so I got to rock out in my new SKU tee. I'll be rocking it again in Boston in 2 weeks! For more info on "Super Knocked Up", click HERE or just look it up on Facebook!

Cos Players- For some reason, these guys were out in full force today. I love checking out people in costume, because you can see how much effort (or lack of effort) they've put into their work. I bought a Hello Kitty watch from the Upstate NY Cos Player group, and they were certainly dressed to the nines!

COMICS!- I mean, really? What's the use of going to a con if you're not going to buy books? Amiright? The sellers had plenty this go around, including plenty of variants, cheap "filler" books and trades.

The Albany Con is seemingly busting at the seams these days. I remember The Editor and I checking it out for the first time three years ago, and the place was a flipping ghost town. Dare I say that come October, they may need to start looking for a new venue, because the Holiday Inn is just about at capacity.

My only gripe about the con is that I still couldn't find my ungettable get. I've been scouring cons for the past two years trying to find a Wonder Woman Barbie doll, and I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE. I need her so that I can complete the trifecta and have Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman all standing proudly on display in the Nerdatorium. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky in Boston...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday: I Don't Get It...

Okay, so there's this shitty song by that Rebecca Black chic. I'm sure you all know of it. In celebration of it being Friday, I give you Rebecca Black's "Friday" as interpreted by a bad lip reader.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saccheriferious Thursday: Rainbow Bright Edition!

In light of the nostalgia I brought to the table last week with "Care Bear Cakes" I thought I'd continue the trend with Rainbow Bright cakes this week! Everyone loves her, how could you not? It's been lovely weather over here in Upstate New York the past week, so I figured this would be a nice way to celebrate that as well. Enjoy!

P.S. Make sure you real ALL the way though today! There is a little bonus at the end ;-)

And Last but not least, I thought I would include a clip from what is probably my most favorite clip of Joel McHale from The Soup ever... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot nerd of the Week: Kristen Bell!

When you say the name "Kristen Bell", the word "geek" does not automatically pop into your head, however, this girl has TONS of geek cred, and she's known as one of the fanboys favorites.

 This cute blonde is originally from Michigan. Growing up she was heavily involved in theater, and after high school she attended the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. One of her first auditions was for the role of Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, a role which ultimately went to Allison Mack.

 In 2004, she auditioned for the lead role in Veronica Mars, which became her most notable role up until that point. Her role in Veronica Mars put her on the geek-lovers radar.

 Since the conclusion of Veronica Mars, Bell has gone on to do a number of projects in film and television, including playing Elle on the TV show Heroes. Some of her more comedic roles include "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and a cameo in "Get Him to the Greek".

Though she admits not getting into comics until 2004, she is now an avid comic book fan, citing Ed Brubaker as one of her favorite authors. She has said that she is completely flattered that the fan boys like her, and she considers it an honor. This chick can talk comics, is down to earth and she is a staple at most Comic Cons, and that's why I chose her for this weeks Hot Nerd!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Monday: George Takei Edition!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the short posts lately. I've been dealing with a severely sick dog for the last few days, and honestly, that has been my first priority. You may have seen this video, but since George Takei is one of my most favorite people on the planet, I feel that I need to share his Spiderman: Turn off the Dark audition! Hopefully Doom Dog will be feeling on the up and up tomorrow, and I can give you a little more. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Slacker Sunday: Awesome Edition!

This is more like a rant. It's completely not awesome, it's just what I wrote to get you here. :-/ All that needs to be said, can be found in this article HERE.

Happy belated April Fools, y'all!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Albany Comic Con and Why You Should Go

Hey everyone! As previously mentioned a few weeks ago, Con season is almost in full swing! Next Sunday (April 17th) is the Albany Comic Con. This con is local to me, which is why I'm writing about it today. I've been going to the Albany Cons for the past 3 years, and in that three years, the attendance has grown by leaps and bounds!

All of the local shops are there (Earthworld, Aquilonia, Electric City) as well as some private sellers who are there to offload their stash. There are people selling collectibles, tons of comics (both new and vintage) and a variety of different people in cos play. There is even a Star Wars cos play group that attends most of the local cons, so there will be lots of Storm Troopers and even a full size moving R2D2!

There will also be a pretty nice artist alley featuring many artists of both comics past and present. Of that group, I'm most excited to see Joe St. Pierre, who has done a TON of work on X-Men, and Jamal Igle, who has done a lot of work on the new Supergirl series. Usually two of my favorites, Nick and Jackie Taplansky (Nick of one of my favorite zombie stories ever, "Awakening" fame, and his wonderful, amazing, illustrator wife, Jackie) are there, but unfortunately they won't be back up to the Albany Con until the Fall con. Definitely two people you need to check out when they're in the area!

In addition to all of this other fun stuff going on, my friend Jeff Burns will also be there, promoting his new web series "Super knocked Up". It's a fantastic story about what happens when a superhero and a super villian share a one night stand that leads to an "Oops!". Since I'm too preggo to cos-play, I'll be sporting one of the fabulous "Super Knocked Up" tee shirts to help Jeff promote. If you come say "HI!" to me, there might be a sweet button or pen for you :-)

Oh, did I mention we're going to have a few real life super heroes there as well? Local superheroes Kick Ass of Albany, and the Silver Sentinel will definitely be there, so be sure to stop by and say hello to these two great guys who help keep our city safe!

Albany Comic con goes on April 17th at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road from 10 AM to 4 PM, so pack up the family and come on over! It's only $5 admission!

For more info on Albany Comic Con click HERE

For more information about the web series "Super Knocked Up" click HERE

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saccheraferious Thursday: Care Bears Edition!

Since for some reason, I'm feeling EXTRA girly today, here is a dose of some adorable bears. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Word about Hate from Uncle Evan.

Ok kiddies. Come gather round ol' uncle Evan T and let him speak at you for a few about all this nerd on nerd hate going around nowadays.

I game. In a gaming store. Yeah, I do that stuff. Now to some nerds I am some sort of sub-level nerd. A lesser nerd. Guess what guys?  To everyone else, we are just nerds, dweebs and geeks. It's like white people. No one cares if your Italian, British or German, you are just caucasian. To everyone who isn't a nerd there is no difference between Comic Nerds, Video Gamers, Yu-Gi-O Players and RPG Geeks. We are all the same. And we are never going to get are stuff together untill we stop hating on each other. DO I think I am better that the kids plaing Magic: The Gathering? Nope. Better that the comic collector who collects the Grimm Fairy Tales with cartoon boobies? Naw. Because we are all geeks together. I really don't feel like one type is better than the other. I know a lot of folks disagree with me but maybe next time you walk by these guy you wont turn up a nose or look from atop your soap box. Cause if you are reading this, guess what? You are a geek. A nerd. A gamer. Come together folks!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Alison Rosen!

Any of you who are fans of the ACE Broadcasting Network know who this hottie is. She is the new news girl over at The Adam Carolla Show. I began my love affair with her about two months ago.

This hilarious journalist started her career at just 18 years old. Since then she has written for People, Rolling Stone, OC Weekly, The LA Times, Maxim and Vogue, just to name a few. She has also appeared on a number of television shows including "A&E Biography", "Chelsea Lately", and a number of news shows. Did I also mention that she used to be the guitarist in a punk band? Yup, she's done that too.

Her most current endeavors include presenting the news on "The Adam Carolla Show", and hosting her own show, "Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend" on Ustream. She has written a number of fantastic articles and interviews which you can see at her website HERE.

She is a great team player, allowing the ACE guys to set up a "March Madness" bracket to win a date with her. 16 men are competing to win a date with her, and she is an absolutely great sport about it, even when she describes some of the contenders as "rapey". On the "Adam Carolla Show" she also announced her plans to write two self books, one written from the prospective of a drug addict, before she ever gets addictive to drugs (a book which is still untitled), and also a pregnancy book called "What I Would Expect if I Were Expecting". Her reason for writing the books now, instead of when she develops a drug habit, or gets pregnant, is that she has free time now, so she might as well write it as long as she does. She has presented excerpts from both books on the show, and they are WONDERFUL.

Her good looks, and fabulous comedic timing are the reason I chose Alison Rosen for Hot Nerd of the Week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Gamer Score is Bigger Than Yours

SO on Friday, I was asked the question "What are you and The Editor doing this weekend?" by my mother. My response was "Oh, I dunno, probably play some video games or something...". This was followed by a "And watch some basketball, right?". Oh mother.... You're so funny....

Truth is, I knew what I was doing the whole time. After over a year of playing, I was going to FINALLY make Borderlands my bitch. The Editor and I began our love affair with the game while living in an area where we were mostly secluded form our friends. There were several nights where we were up until 3 or 4 in the morning, because we refused to give up. It really is the most addicting game ever.

We bought all of the DLC for the game, and it was AWESOME. We rocked every single achievement in this game. Some of the tasks were a little monotonous, like in the Clap Trap Revolution DLC where you are just replaying the same thing to try and collect X number of pieces, or in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot where you start a game, and it LITERALLY takes you 6 hours to complete one of three levels. Forget your friends on the days you decide to play Moxxi, because they'll just be a distraction.

As of Friday, all we had left were two levels in Moxxi's Underdome. We were up until 3 Friday night, and finished the first level. Saturday we wised up a little, and started earlier and had everything completed by midnight. The victory was a little bittersweet. On the one hand, there were moments where I wanted to throw the controller though the TV, and there were moments I wanted to quit and NEVER play a Borderlands again, but I knew, like and old friend moving away, that I'd miss it when it was gone.

Luckily, last week, The Editor and I were wise and picked up a new game to take the sting out of things. We bought "WWE All-Stars". At first when The Editor sparked an interest in this game, I'll admit, I raised and eyebrow and shot him and "Really?", but once we started playing, I was yelling "OOOooooohhhhh YEEEEAAaaaaahhhhh!!!" just like The Macho Man Randy Savage. It's a pretty fun game, although, even on easy mode, you'll occasionally get your ass kicked by the CPU. If you're a button masher like Miss Cara and myself though, you'll find hours of enjoyment in the game.

I don't even know what my inspiration was to write this today, but I hope that it helps steer you toward a new game :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slacker Sunday: Some of my Favorite Websites Edition Part 2!

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to some of the websites I look at every day. Here are a few more!

Dlisted- Dlisted is the best place in the world for celebrity gossip. Better than TMZ, better than Perez Hilton, and funnier than both put together. Michael K. is my gossip god.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

WTF Rant of the Week: Snooki

Okay, so earlier in the week, I found THIS blog post. I was skeptical at first, but when I actually sat down and read it, it made a lot of sense. JWoww actually does have a pretty good outlook on life, and at her core seems to be a pretty good person. I watched "The Jersey Shore" for the first season, and it got old pretty quick to me, but JWoww was definitely the least abrasive of the group. She is pretty, and she's likable, unlike a certain troll on the show.

It's a tie between Snooki and The Situation for me as to who is the most irritating person on the show. The Situation is a total moron, who I feel gets a lot more credit than he deserves. I'm always listening to The Editor and Evan T. talk about how his idiocy is just an act, and he's actually way smarter than we all think. Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that one. Sure, he likes to stir the pot, I have guy friends who do that too. Sure, he likes to watch chicks fight, but usually boys like to watch that too, in anticipation that an article of clothing may get torn off. But at his core, I truly believe that the gel in his hair, and the chemicals in the spray tan have caused some mild retardation.

Did anyone happen to watch the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump? It was unreal. The Editor and Evan T. were very uncomfortable and even felt bad for The Situation when he failed to deliver any sort of comedy, and was booed off stage. It was at that moment that I realized that true celebrities saw what I saw, a douchebag reality star who wanted to pretend he was famous by making fun of famous people who are always going to A)  be more talented and B) have more money than him. I couldn't have been happier that he was finally being put in his place.

But I digress... This article is about the troll. In all of the time that the boys have been watching "The Jersey Shore", I have never heard a single intelligent thought come out of her mouth. Listening to her speak is like being awoken by the sound of a fire truck's siren at 3 AM when I'm sleeping, and looking at her is like watching a drunk hippo trying to hump another drunk hippo. At first it's funny to look at because you're trying to figure out what's going on, then the red rocket comes out and you realize what you're looking at, and you're like "Eeeeewwwwwww.....".

This all has a point to it, and here it is. Rutgers University hired Snooki to come and speak at their school. The kick in the ass? They paid her $32,000 to do it. $32,000. Let that sink in for a minute. Okay, lets say that you have a kid. You live in the state of New Jersey where Rutgers is located. Your kid is a freshmen. You and your significant other have been saving to send this kid to college since the time it was born. You've sacrificed. You've skipped vacations, and you decided to get the used car instead of the new car, all so that little nameless can go to a good school and get a good job someday. How THRILLED are you that not only do they hire a person who tells your kid "Study hard, but party harder!", but they also pay her as much as a FUCKING YEAR OF TUITION?! I mean, sure, you hire Maya Angelou, or some sort of Nobel-peace prize winning author, but SNOOKI?! For the LOVE OF GOD, you hire someone who is well on her way to dying from liver disease, an STD, or skin cancer by the time she's 40? I mean, seriously?

From what I understand, it was a student fund that put all of this together. To that I say, shame on you. It's so impossibly sad to me that the upcoming generation of people see her as a role model. It's sad that the upcoming generation looks up to ANY of them as role models. As well meaning as JWoww is, the words "role model" are not the first words I can think of when I think of her. The Editor and I are expecting a baby girl who is due in July, and honestly, the sheer lack of role models of today's society scares the shit out of me. We need more Biz Stones, Jack Dorseys and Chris Weltys and way less Snooki's and Teen Moms and Bachelors. I understand the need for entertainment, but since when did we decide that in our society, any behavior goes, and the worst behavior you have the bigger your star rises (Lindsey Lohan, I'm looking at you)? It's all just very sad to me.

HERE is the link to the biggest bullshit I've ever heard