Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slacker Sunday: Albany Comic Con Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Hopefully you're all having a wonderful, sunny weekend, just like I am. I'm in a great mood because I just got back from Albany Comic Con, and as you all well know, comic cons can cure whatever ails you, so I'm in a fantastic mood!

Some of the Highlights

Jamal Igle- This guy has worked on a TON of comic books, including Iron Man, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I got to meet him today, and he signed issue #53 of the current Supergirl series for me, which he not only penciled, but also did the cover art. He is a super nice guy. More info on Jamal can be found HERE.

Jeff Burns- Jeff is a local filmmaker, who is currently working on the webseries "Super Knocked Up". I've been corresponding with him for sometime via Facebook, but finally met him face to face for the first time today.  I'm so glad that I'm helping out with this project because Jeff is one of the most sincerely nice guys I've ever met. He gave me a tee shirt, so I got to rock out in my new SKU tee. I'll be rocking it again in Boston in 2 weeks! For more info on "Super Knocked Up", click HERE or just look it up on Facebook!

Cos Players- For some reason, these guys were out in full force today. I love checking out people in costume, because you can see how much effort (or lack of effort) they've put into their work. I bought a Hello Kitty watch from the Upstate NY Cos Player group, and they were certainly dressed to the nines!

COMICS!- I mean, really? What's the use of going to a con if you're not going to buy books? Amiright? The sellers had plenty this go around, including plenty of variants, cheap "filler" books and trades.

The Albany Con is seemingly busting at the seams these days. I remember The Editor and I checking it out for the first time three years ago, and the place was a flipping ghost town. Dare I say that come October, they may need to start looking for a new venue, because the Holiday Inn is just about at capacity.

My only gripe about the con is that I still couldn't find my ungettable get. I've been scouring cons for the past two years trying to find a Wonder Woman Barbie doll, and I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE. I need her so that I can complete the trifecta and have Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman all standing proudly on display in the Nerdatorium. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky in Boston...

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