Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Word about Hate from Uncle Evan.

Ok kiddies. Come gather round ol' uncle Evan T and let him speak at you for a few about all this nerd on nerd hate going around nowadays.

I game. In a gaming store. Yeah, I do that stuff. Now to some nerds I am some sort of sub-level nerd. A lesser nerd. Guess what guys?  To everyone else, we are just nerds, dweebs and geeks. It's like white people. No one cares if your Italian, British or German, you are just caucasian. To everyone who isn't a nerd there is no difference between Comic Nerds, Video Gamers, Yu-Gi-O Players and RPG Geeks. We are all the same. And we are never going to get are stuff together untill we stop hating on each other. DO I think I am better that the kids plaing Magic: The Gathering? Nope. Better that the comic collector who collects the Grimm Fairy Tales with cartoon boobies? Naw. Because we are all geeks together. I really don't feel like one type is better than the other. I know a lot of folks disagree with me but maybe next time you walk by these guy you wont turn up a nose or look from atop your soap box. Cause if you are reading this, guess what? You are a geek. A nerd. A gamer. Come together folks!

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