Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remembering Sarah Jane

Hey everyone! There was some super sad news in the Dr. Who world earlier in the week, so I just thought I'd take today's post to write a little something about the beautiful Elisabeth Sladen.
  Ms. Sladen was bet known for her role as Sarah Jane on Dr. Who from 1973-1976. She has been a recurring character with each doctor in subsequent years. She is probably the best known Who companion, and in 2007 she received her own show on the BBC called The Sarah Jane Adventures. Robot dog K-9, and David Tennant were both special guests on the show.

In her life outside of Dr. Who, she had a wonderful marriage with fellow actor Brian Miller. The two have been married since 1968. Elisabeth and Brian have a daughter together named Sadie, who appears alongside he mother in the Dr. Who documentary "Thirty Years in the TARDIS".
After a short battle with cancer, the 63 year old actress succumbed to her illness on April 19th, leaving Dr. Who fans with a void where their beloved Sarah Jane used to be. The new series of Dr. Who will be premiering this Saturday, and a spokesperson for the show has said that they have something very suitable planned to pay tribute to this fantastic Dr. Who icon.

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