Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Superheroes from Around the World: Germany!

Hello everyone! I thought I'd take a couple of Wednesdays and do some independent research on superheroes from other countries. After the USA, Carly on Comics has the most views from people in Germany (Guten Tag German readers!), so I thought I'd throw some love to them first.

This project proved to be a more difficult task than I had originally thought. Not because there wasn't a lot of information on German super heroes, its because apparently, not a lot of German superheros exist. There were a few though, so I'll start with the one who is seemingly the most popular. 

Franz Mittelstaedt AKA Blitzkrieger first appeared in "Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1" (1989). He was part of the larger German Superhero group Schutz-Heiliggruppe.

 The following is all of the information I could find in Blitzkrieger via the Wiki page:

Not much has been revealed regarding the early history of Franz Mittelstaedt, save that he was struck by electrical energy from a faulty generator which granted him superhuman powers. With these powers, he called himself Blitzkreig and began a career as a costumed crime fighter. At one point, he was transported alongside various other international heroes by the alien Grandmaster in order to participate in a so-called Contest of Champions, but he returned at the end of the encounter. Later, he was seen among those who helped the spaceknight Rom against the alien Dire Wraiths.

At some point, Mittelstaedt joined a group of German superheroes, the Schutz-Heiliggruppe, and he was among their number when the team was sent to remand the Nazi criminal Red Skull to Germany to stand trial for war crimes, although the Skull later escaped. 

Later still, Mittelstaedt was on assignment in South America where he was accosted by the villain Zeitgeist, also known as Everyman, who killed Mittelstaedt. Mittelstaedt is survived by his wife and son.

If there is anyone out there that can  point me in another direction as far as a German superhero goes, I would muchly appreciate it. I went with Blitzkrieger because Google gave me the most results for him, but I'm sure that there are more out there that I don't know about, but would love to! I hope y'all at least learned a little today, and I can't wait to do this again next week!

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