Friday, April 8, 2011

Albany Comic Con and Why You Should Go

Hey everyone! As previously mentioned a few weeks ago, Con season is almost in full swing! Next Sunday (April 17th) is the Albany Comic Con. This con is local to me, which is why I'm writing about it today. I've been going to the Albany Cons for the past 3 years, and in that three years, the attendance has grown by leaps and bounds!

All of the local shops are there (Earthworld, Aquilonia, Electric City) as well as some private sellers who are there to offload their stash. There are people selling collectibles, tons of comics (both new and vintage) and a variety of different people in cos play. There is even a Star Wars cos play group that attends most of the local cons, so there will be lots of Storm Troopers and even a full size moving R2D2!

There will also be a pretty nice artist alley featuring many artists of both comics past and present. Of that group, I'm most excited to see Joe St. Pierre, who has done a TON of work on X-Men, and Jamal Igle, who has done a lot of work on the new Supergirl series. Usually two of my favorites, Nick and Jackie Taplansky (Nick of one of my favorite zombie stories ever, "Awakening" fame, and his wonderful, amazing, illustrator wife, Jackie) are there, but unfortunately they won't be back up to the Albany Con until the Fall con. Definitely two people you need to check out when they're in the area!

In addition to all of this other fun stuff going on, my friend Jeff Burns will also be there, promoting his new web series "Super knocked Up". It's a fantastic story about what happens when a superhero and a super villian share a one night stand that leads to an "Oops!". Since I'm too preggo to cos-play, I'll be sporting one of the fabulous "Super Knocked Up" tee shirts to help Jeff promote. If you come say "HI!" to me, there might be a sweet button or pen for you :-)

Oh, did I mention we're going to have a few real life super heroes there as well? Local superheroes Kick Ass of Albany, and the Silver Sentinel will definitely be there, so be sure to stop by and say hello to these two great guys who help keep our city safe!

Albany Comic con goes on April 17th at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road from 10 AM to 4 PM, so pack up the family and come on over! It's only $5 admission!

For more info on Albany Comic Con click HERE

For more information about the web series "Super Knocked Up" click HERE

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