Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Jennifer Schwalback Smith!

Okay, The Editor told me that this one was kind of a reach. However, that being said, I am in LOVE with Jennifer right now, so I vetoed The Editor.

Jen is the wife of director Kevin Smith. Most notably, you'd know her as Missy from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". She is the one who is not Shannon Elizabeth, and not Ali Larter. Jen has been in several of Kevin's movies including "Zach and Miri Make a Porno", "Clerks 2" and "Jersey Girl". She was also featured in an episode of the Canadian teen drama "DiGrassi". She will be starring in the Kevin Smith directed horror movie "Red State" as Esther this Fall.
In her pre-View Askewniverse days Jen was a successful journalist with USA today. She attended the University of Florida for two years before moving to LA to finish up her degree in Political Science. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed feminist, and she's constantly fighting for equality for the ladies.
In 1999, Kevin and Jen welcomed their daughter, Harley Quinn Smith into the world. I mean, how can you name your daughter "Harley Quinn" and not win some geek cred there?!
Jen has always stood by her husband, and been the rock for him. Most recently the couple began podcasting together. They started "Plus One", part of the SModcast Network, around Christmastime, and it is AMAZING. Jen is a huge science and news nerd, and her most quotable phrase from the show (which I have on a tee shirt that I proudly display) is "The fishies have no eyes!", which is in reference to a group of fish that mysteriously washed up on the shore with their eyes missing.
Jen is a science and tech dork (often proclaiming her love for Twitter co-founder Jack Dorissey), and she's an awesome wife and mom. Those are the reasons I made her Hot Nerd this week :-)

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