Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Throwdown feat. Evan T.!

Hot Nerd Thursday is being pushed off this evening, because we have more pressing issues over here at Carly on Comics. Evan T. has finally decided to rebuttal my Marvel/DC post from last week. Below is a series of e-mails passed back and forth between he and I this morning. YOU can tell US who the winner is... Please do enjoy.


To: Carly
From: Evan
Subject:  :-P
Sent November 11, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Listen. I have stood by as the main writer for this site has slandered the good name of marvel for too long.  No more. The glorious company that I have loved for going on twenty plus years now has been demeaned and I will stand for it no longer. It is time. Marvel Rebuttal.

The first post that Carly had mentioned how she likes DC (Stands for Douchey Comics) more than Marvel. Don't get her wrong, she is a pretentious indy comic reader, for sure, but if she does read those silly mainstream books she reads mostly DC. First of all, let me just drop a bomb of truth on you boss: If Marvel and DC didn't have the mainstream juggernauts like they do they independent scene would not exist. So, yeah.

Secondly, Carl says she enjoys the stronger, more stand alone female characters. Then references that Ms. Marvel, Emma Frost and Rogue are members of groups. Hmm, introducing female characters in mainstream, popular comic teams is bad? To have these characters reach a larger reading group? Oh, that's bad? Ok. I started picking Ms. Marvel after having seen her in an Avengers story and loved her book. What about She-Hulk? She's not a good female character. She is a secretary. Oh wait, she's a lawyer and one of the more powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe? Oh. Elektra has always been a strong character and risen in popularity and prestige the last couple of years. I wont mention Jewel, Mokingbird, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Maria Hill, Firestar, Jocasta, Wasp, Black Widow, Sharon Carter, Valkyrie, Stature, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Karolina Dean, Nico Minoru, Gertrude Yorkes, Molly Hayes, Songbird, Moonstone, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Photon, Lyja, Invisible Woman, Namorita, She-Thing, Mudusa, Ronin/Echo, Vindicator or ANY of the about 30 mutant female characters because they are a part of a group.
Then Carlifornia sites Catwoman (Batman's Rogues Gallery and only got her own book due to the "Bad Girls" craze of the ninties), Zatanna (Long time JLA member) and Supergirl (Long time mess in the DC universe. Clone? Angel? Actual Kryptonian? Who knows). The only one I would have coincided is Wonder Woman. Easily the strongest female character in either universe.
I don't know what a female reader is looking for and I am sure it is difficult to relate. Neither of these companies have flawless records with integrating in Female, African American, Latino, Native American or disabled super characters. I will say they have made huge steps over the last couple of years, though. To say DC does it better offended the Marvel Zombie in me. Make mine Marvel.

P.S. - The majority of DC characters are super idealistic humans who then have every super power ever. As if they were created by the kid on the playground who always had the anti-bullet shield when playing guns. Marvel's characters are flawed from jumpstreet and not everyone of them could reverse the rotation of the Earth to go back in time (REALLY DC???). :) Hugs Chief. 


To Evan
From Carly
Subject: :-P
Sent: November 11, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Superman is flawed. Sure, he may be bulletproof, but he is left with the burden of being the savior of mankind. He is the last of his kind as far as he knows. He's an orphan who was sent to save the world. Like that isn't pressure? What about Batman? Batman watched his parents get murdered in front of him, which has left him an emotional retard. He also has the burden of knowing that anyone who has contact with the batman is putting themselves in harm (remember "The Killing Joke"?). Elektra wouldn't be around if it weren't for Daredevil. Namorita wouldn't be around if not for Namor. She-Thing? Same thing. She-Hulk? Exactly. These women are not "unique" characters. Same as X-23 being the female counterpart to Wolverine. Just because you put a vagina on it doesn't make it all better. I'm just defending myself because I feel like I'm getting unfairly attacked. Not to go all feminist on you, but you're not a girl, so you don't know what it's like to love something the way I love comics, and then come to the conclusion that the two biggest companies (Marvel and DC) really don't give a shit what the female audience thinks. I mean, not to bash on "kids today", but who the hell do girls have to look up to these days? Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton? Girls are being told that its okay to be airheaded assholes and exploit their bodies because it may lead to them being famous someday. Famous for doing nothing. What it comes down to for me is not Marvel/DC, it comes down to sexism and role models. I understand that Marvel has created some female characters who are original (Rogue, Storm), and don't have a male counterpart, but the majority of them don't. I'm not saying that being a vigilante is a great idea, because teamwork is great too, but for crying out loud, girls should have more than one comic book role model that they can name. I'm not giving DC a whole lot of leeway here either. I mean, even if they do have stand alone women characters, they still objectify the hell out of them. I'm not saying that introducing characters as part of a team is bad, but even my beloved Ms. Marvel is the counterpart of Captain Marvel. I'm fully aware of this. I didn't go on a killing spree and attack anyone personally. In my mind (and it could be different for everyone on the planet, and I understand that) DC movies are more dramatic, Marvel movies are more action packed. Yee haw. They both have something to offer the audience. I'm simply saying that my PERSONAL taste is in DC movies. That is all. I don't think that my personal opinion warrants being called an elitist. Yeah, I do like independent comics. So fucking what? At the end of the day, all I'm saying is that as a girl, I think we could use more Wonder Woman in the world.


To: Carly
From: Evan
Subject:  :-P
Sent: November 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Are you angry? Because we are talking about comics. And i don't want you yo be angry. It seems like your main argument so much about strong female role models which is an entirely different thing which I agree about and am not happy about. I want my nieces to have more strong female role models. But then I can give them a comic and they can see there are more to female characters than being Batmans girlfriend. Much love chief. Also female super heroes are useless one week a month.


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