Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Evan T. is Too Fast, Too Furious

The other day I was talking about The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and I got to thinking I should probably lay down some points from the movie for those of you who read this blog and might be mentally retarded... I mean, have never seen it.

1) These cars are NOT quick and moderately angry, they are Fast and Furious - My GOD does Japan just have the most beautiful cars in the world, all lying around. If you are into that stuff, you already know. If not, you can look at the different styles that are there. Really neat stuff.

2) You can totally cause thousands of dollars of damage (with video proof) and not go to jail - The movie begins with our main character Shawn (played by Lucas Black. Side note: Let's see this cat in more movies) racing the school football star (Zach Ty Bryan from Home Improvement fame...if that's fame) and busting up a ton of shit in a new housing development and wrecking his car in an awesome crash. He gets brought to a police station instead of a hospital. The cop even says 100% conviction on this kid. Then his moms comes in and a few minutes later Shawn is on his way to live with his father in Japan. We should totally be using this in the courts.

3) There is no learning curve to drive stick on a Japanese car, were the steering wheel is on the right side - Shawn ends up racing the DK (Drift King NOT Donkey Kong) and is in a Japanese car. After being in it for about 30 seconds, BOOM, kid is on it like he grew up there.

4) Japanese people speak English a lot - From my observations of this movie, I could visit Japan and have NO problem whatsoever in communicating. Which is awesome, cause I wanna go there. Like, tomorrow.

5) Watching drifting race scenes is like watching cars dance - It really is amazing. I am being totally cereal.
If you haven't seen it, people, do yourself a flavor. Easily the strongest film of the franchise. I'll freakin watch it with you since I have the DVD AND I have it on my DVR. Yeah, that's what's up. Just in case I need to watch it, I don't have to mess around with all that "getting the DVD and putting it in the DVD player" crap.

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