Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More DC/Marvel B.S.

Good afternoon kiddies! As you remember Tuesdays are Carly's "rant" days. We were off to a good start with the "I <3 DC" post from last week, and I'm going to continue that this week while we discuss movies! There is a large majority of people who believe that DC movies don't come close in comparison to Marvel movies. I tend to disagree. Maybe in the last 10 years Marvel has put out some decent stuff, but DC is better long term (lest we forget the super campy, super awesome Tim Burton and Joel Schumacker "Batman" movies). I'm not trying to massage the ego's of anyone at DC, I personally think that they are sitting on a treasure trove of characters that they are downright stupid not to use, and they have made some insanely crappy movies ("Superman Returns", anyone?), but as far as drama and content go, I think that DC beats Marvel hands down. I went and saw "Iron Man 2" this past Summer, and I did enjoy it. I also saw "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", the previous year, which I thought was nowhere as good as it's predecessors (X-Men I-III). Marvel movies are great because you don't have to think. Like, at all. Why do you think that "Watchmen" failed at the movie theater? I'll tell you why. Because people went into the movie thinking it was going to be all explosions and shoot em' up style superheroes. Sorry, there was a plot. Also, people in the United States would much rather see someone cut off someone else's head than god forbid, see a penis, in a non-sexual manner, on the big screen. That is one thing that just blows my mind about us as a country. We are more than happy to see murder or torture than to see a naked human being. But I digress...

There's no reason to fear the dong!
When you stack "Iron Man" against "The Dark Knight", to me there is no comparison. In "The Dark Knight" you are emotionally involved with the characters. You see Bruce Wayne go through traumas and express emotions. Which is why, as an adult, I enjoy "The Dark Knight" so much more. If I were a little kid and all I had to do was stare at the screen while 90 minutes of explosions hit me in the face, it would be a different story. Both companies make movies that are fun to go to, I just think content wise, in the past 10 years one has much more to offer emotionally than the other. My irritation of Marvel may also come from my disdain for Stan Lee and the fact that he has taken credit for much more than he deserves over the years, but that's just me.

Nice dye job. At least your boobs have talent...
 Any way you slice it, Marvel and DC owned by huge corporations. Marvel being owned by Disney and DC being owned by Time/Warner. Both companies have a ton of characters that they could be doing things with, but instead choose to sit on them and do nothing. I'm not particularly happy that DC has seemingly put the kibosh on a "Wonder Woman" movie, but I'm also not particularly happy that Ms. Marvel isn't being included in the "Avengers" movie. I mean, for crying out loud, we put that no talent ass clown Scarlett Johanssen in "Iron Man", can't we find someone else to play the hot blond Skrull infected Carol Danvers? Of course not, because if we start having female lead characters in a superhero movie, who are they going to save?


  1. Really? Really? Wow. DC has better stories, better characters? I'm ashamed to be a part of this blog on occasion sometimes. Most DC characters play a game I like to call "How many powers can we cram in one character." Also, as far as movies go: Swamp Thing, Superman III, Supergirl, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, The Return of Swamp Thing, Batman Forever, Steel, Batman And Robin, Catwoman, Superman Returns, Constantine, The Spirit and Jonah Hex. Wow, quality stuff. Make Mine Marvel. Nuff Said True Believers

  2. Oh Evan, did you miss the part where A)this was all personal opinion and B) I was mostly talking about the past 10 years and C) it ended with me saying "'ef it, they're both companies full of misogynists? Let's also discuss the whole "How many powers can we shove in" thing... Do you remember X-Men 3?! How many characters were stuffed into the movie just for the sake of stuffing more characters in? Also, you want to talk shit movies? How about Fantastic 4, Fantastic 4-2:Rise of the Silver Surfer, HOWARD THE DUCK, Daredevil, Elektra, apparently 2 Captain America movies that I didn't even know existed, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Punisher AND Punisher: War Zone. I'll give you Spiderman III, Iron Man I and II, you can also have the X-Men movies. Just remember though, Thor, X-Men and the Spiderman and Ghostrider reboots are all in the pipeline, so there is plenty of room for more fantastically shitty movies. --End communication--

  3. P.S. Why are we arguing in the comments section anyway Evan T.? If you hated the article are are soooo ashamed to be part of the blog, write a rebuttal, bitch. ;-)

  4. I am going to rebuttal all over your face!

  5. And just for that, guess who is Mayor of the Nerdatorium? NOT YOU! Mwhahahahahaha *evil laughter*

  6. I am clicking the invisible "Like" button on Evan's comment, "I am going to rebuttal all over your face!"