Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wizarding Wednesdays!

Hello again all! Guess who has the flu + a sinus infection? Yup, it's me! Is that going to keep me from posting? Heck no! All the regular Wizarding folk will be over in a bit, I'll just be on the couch flipping through the TV I have on the box. Since it's "Wizarding Wednesday", I have no choice but to watch "Merlin". As previously stated, not my favorite BBC show, but it'll do. Especially in a situation like this. :-)

I thought I would do some more research about what the "outside" world  thinks about the D&D world. When I started my descent into the topic, I knew I'd run into some crazy ignorance, I just didn't know HOW crazy. It seems to me like each church group that has an issue with D&D has had someone they know PERSONALLY commit suicide because of D&D. I'm going to let it be known now that in my 26 (almost 27) years on this planet, I have never known a single person to commit suicide because of D&D. Weird that all these churches can....

This guy is thinking "Ugggggh, that dick DM totally almost killed my character! Gimmie some Cheetos", NOT, "Wooooow, I think I'll kill myself".

Did you also know that D&D is a cult? According to my research, it totally is! Let us forget for a moment  that the game helps kids (and some adults) develop social relationships with their peers and forces you to use your imagination, instead of playing video games. According to one of the websites I visited ( the people you play D&D with are not your friends, and would never be there for you in a time of need. This is absolutely ridiculous. The people I play D&D with are some of my best friends on the planet. They would do (and have done) anything for me. And I would do anything for them. When I had my tonsils out, they were there the next night with Popsicles in hand.  When the day comes that I have kids, I would absolutely trust any of them to watch my children. To some people, that may make me a horrible parent, but who else would I rather watch my kids than a group of people with college degrees and huge imaginations?

Wizarding Wednesday group: Lock your doors and hide your children. These are the most dangerous people you will ever meet.
I feel like the people making a stink about D&D are the same people who think that Harry Potter is going to pollute the minds of children and make them evil. This is nothing more than ignorance, pure and simple. Remember "Footloose"? All the guy wanted to do is dance. Nothing evil. Just dance and be with the girl he loved. Her Bible-thumping father wouldn't let them be together because of the dancing. So silly. Chances are, if there is a boy who hangs around your daughter and all he wants to do is dance, you don't need to worry about him sleeping her. Remember the Salem Witch Trials? Ignorance was what sent all of those people to their deaths.
There are always going to be bad people in the world. Dancing, playing D&D, video games or the music you listen to does not have any effect on whether or not your child becomes a murderer or a thief. That being said, if you approach things with an open mind, the world becomes a much nicer place. In no way am I saying to compromise what you believe in, all I'm saying is, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. :-)

If you happened to read this post and still feel like you would like to be an evil cult leader, here is a video showing you how to achieve that dream.

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