Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Tuesday!

Good evening all! I've decided that tonight will be the last of the NYCC pics from this year. I will also be posting pics from the previous NYCC. I'm not feeling great today, so I apologize for the lack of content, however, everyone likes looking at pictures, right? ;-)

Here's just a couple of short things I'd like to touch on before the photo dump. 1) Kick-Ass vol 2 comes out tomorrow, so I might just break my "comic books on Friday only" rule and go pick it. I suggest you do too, because Kick-Ass is awesome. 2) I'm slightly irritated because SyFy has decided to make my current second favorite BBC TV show, "Being Human" into an American version (my first favorite being "Doctor Who", obviously). I mean, don't we all speak English? *sigh* I get that "The Office" was a great idea to bring over into American culture, but the BBC had the right idea to end "The Office" over there before it got a chance to get shitty, like the American version. 3) I'm quite sure that The Editor and I will be making a trip down to North Carolina the weekend of November 14-16 for the NCCC. November is the time of year when the weather starts to totally suck in the Northeast, so if you have the ability, I suggest you come see us!

And now, on with the photodump!

Carly  + The Ultimate Comics = BFF

Ms. Marvel had fallen off the wagon
And finally, here are the pick from the 2009 NYCC, when The Editor and I were just a couple of young things....

I <3 Ugly Dolls...

I thought it was a marshmallow, until The Editor informed me that it was a large roll of TP.


Dear Land of the Lost, thank you for giving me the word "Sleestack"

Me and The Editor in our younger years...
My very first Nerdgasm
Hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be catching you tomorrow, for Wizarding Wednesday!

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