Sunday, October 24, 2010

B.O. Bombs and Fart Circles

So, we attended the Albany Comic Con today which is about 1/100th as big as NYCC. It's always a fun time to go, even if you're just planning on stopping by. I've gone to so many Albany Con's now, that I have my favorites that I like to go visit. My two favorites have to be Nick Tapalansky and Jackie Santiago. Most recently, Nick wrote the graphic novel "Awakening", which is a very noir type murder mystery, involving zombies. Nick is an extremely talented author, who is well on his way to making a name for himself. I picked up the second volume of "Awakening" today, and I'm super excited to start reading it. Jackie happens to be Nick's brand new wife! About a year and a half ago, I started digging through Jackie's artwork at one of the cons, and now I have four pieces of her artwork in the Nerdatorium at my house. Her artwork is very distinct, and I would almost call it anime-ish. She creates her own characters, but she also draws her own rendering of different female comic book characters. I have Supergirl, Robin, Ms. Marvel and Catwoman on my wall :-) I couldn't be happier for these two, as they are not only incredibly skilled at what they do, but also two of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

"Awakening"-- Amazing story and cool ass artwork.

I know Evan T. has already made a post about comic con etiquette, however, I feel that I need to reiterate a few of these rules, and introduce you to a couple of con vocabulary words/phrases that you may not know.

I just want to touch on one subject that Evan T. did not know about because he is a boy. I am a girl. I am a nerdy girl. That being said, please do not be an asshole while I am looking through comic boxes. Just because I have my cell phone out, that does not mean that I am finished going though the box. All that means is that I'm looking at my comic book "needs" list PDF on my cell. So take you're ghetto assed notebook filled with chicken scratch and walk away. Do not attempt to rifle through my box while I am still in it, because I am a derby girl, and I will hip check you across the room.

And I'll booty block ya too.
 In addition, PLEASE I am begging you on behalf of the human race, PLEASE for the love of god, WEAR DEODORANT.  A shower once a day, or at very least, once every other day, would also help. I am not joking when I tell you that at one point, a kid next to me had B.O. so bad, that I literally had to walk away and throw up in my mouth a little. I referred to this kid as a B.O. bomb. Unless your B.O. is your defense to my hip check, PLEASE be current on your personal hygiene. Especially if you ever want to get to second base with a girl.

Chickity check yourself.
 My last tip is please, please, PLEASE don't eat super disgusting food before you visit the con. And if you do, pretty, pretty please stop and take a GasX before you get there. Flatulence seems to be an issue at all cons, big or small. I coined the phrase "fart circle" when we were at the NYCC. A fart circle is basically when there is a group of people (usually teenage girls) standing in a group together giggling and releasing SBD's (Silent But Deadly). If you are unfortunate enough to have to walk by, or god forbid, walk THROUGH a fart circle, I feel so sorry for you. You will immediately gag and put your nose into the collar of your shirt. One lone member of a fart circle is a crop duster.

The Google tag on this photo was "business-communications-icebreaker". I call it "corporate fart circle"
I hope you have learned a thing or two today. Please, for the love of god, heed my advice.

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