Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot Nerd Thursday!

Okay, so, in trying to figure out a format, I've decided that Thursdays are going to be "Hot Nerd Thursday"! I'm going to talk about a nerd (or two) every Thursday that I think are totaz hot. Obviously, your suggestions are welcome too! :-) Now presenting...

Hot Nerds

Felicia Day- I chose Felicia Day as my first Hot Nerd because she is a multi-talented nerd. Felicia is best known as Penny from "Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog", or as Codex from her wildly successful web series "The Guild." 

Day is an adorable redhead who is also super-talented. Not only is she the creator/writer/producer of "The Guild", she is also a professional-level violinist. She is a graduate of the Universtiy of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship in violin performance to double major in mathematics and music performance. Her wide range of nerdiness, as well as her love of video and RPG games, are the reasons why I have chosen Felicia Day to be Hot Nerd #1.
Brains and looks 
For the most part, I'm not really all that attracted to gingers, but Felicia's looks and wittiness are a combination that makes me completely weak in the knees. Her next appearance will be in the SyFy movie "Red: Werewolf Hunter" premiering October 30th. Generally speaking, SyFy movies are generally shit ("Sharktopus" anyone?) but this one looks totally BA. Take a look for yourself!

I'll be back tomorrow with an all new post, but in the meantime, if you can think of any Hot Nerds you'd like to see on the blog in the future, let me know!