Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Wrap Up

Hey y'all! It's going to be a very short post, as I am going to the Louis CK show in just a couple of hours and still need to beautify myself.The next week is going to be a blur for me, so if the posts are super short, I hope you understand :-)

So, last night, The Editor, Evan T., Cara M. and myself went down to Ulster, NY, for the #1 haunted hayride in the U.S. It was expensive ($33/each), but totally worth it. They start with a hayride and then take you through four haunted houses and a haunted maze. It's called the Headless Horseman Hayride, and you may have seen it on the Travel Channel. I love the fall, and I especially love Halloween. There's something about hot apple cider and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake that just does wonders for the soul. Generally we go to Salem, MA, every October, but my schedule has been impossible this month, so we figured something closer would be nice. I'm not one to get real scared at haunted houses and the like, but this one was very suspenseful, and completely worth watching Cara M. almost pee herself numerous times. The only complaints were that the lines were outrageous (we had a 10 PM reservation and didn't get on the ride until 11:30 PM), and the obscene amount of "city people" there. Don't get me wrong, I love NYC, but standing in line with a bunch of them when the Yankees are getting eliminated from the playoffs, was not my cup of tea. I posted the 2010 advertisement for the place below!

Last but not least, if you're in the Capital District of New York and you're looking for something to do tomorrow,  the Albany Comic Con is going on at the Hilton on Wolf Road in Colonie. I'll be there along with The Editor and probably Evan T., so make sure you say "HI"!

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