Monday, October 11, 2010

New York Comic Con Post 1

The one thing in the world that is better than Christmas and my birthday combined is New York City Comic Con. It is an eclectic blend of everything awesome and amazing. This year, the wonderful Miss Cara M. got us a free (not gross) hotel room for the entire weekend so we could maximize our enjoyment. Lets take a look at some of the highlights (translate: the first ones I can think of).

Meeting Sana Takeda

So, there I am at the con dressed up like Ms. Marvel, wandering through Artists Alley, and who do I see? Only my FAVORITE artist of the recently concluded Ms. Marvel series! She is an up and coming artist from Japan who does some of the most amazing artwork I've ever seen. She has previously worked for Aspen, Image, and currently Marvel comics. When she saw me in the Ms. Marvel costume, her translator asked me if I would mind taking a picture with her, and I was so blown away that I literally almost cried. When a person that you admire so much asks if SHE can take a picture with YOU, it's a very humbling moment. She signed my two favorite comics, and I commissioned her to draw me a picture. Below is the drawing. Absolutely amazing. She made my entire weekend.

Childrens Hospital

What's that? A panel featuring two of my favorite people on the planet?! Yes, I'll go! The panel was extremely funny, and the way that they dealt with do I put this nicely... weirdos who were allowed to ask questions was great. When asking a panel questions, I don't think people should be allowed to sling their website, ask ridiculous questions, or waste the panel's time. I mean, the way people behaved in the question asking line is the reason nerds get a bad name (eg: MAJOR social awkwardness). Seriously, when you have to declare "I am not a terrorist" to a room full of people, you should be ejected from the building. Same goes when you walk up to a microphone and tell someone that you were "sent from the future to kill them". C'mon people. All that aside, we did get to see some new episodes of "Childrens Hospital", which was ballin'. I also got to meet Rob Hubel, Erin Hayes and Rob Corddry, which was one of the most epic, surreal moments in my life.

Anyhoo, I'm still recovering from lack of sleep, so I will post more tomorrow. Hope you're enjoying so far!