Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Comic Con Post 2

Happy Tuesday everyone! It was a crazy day in the looney bin today (<---what I call the office I work at), got out later than I thought I would and had to mow the lawn, so I'm just going to jump right back into the awesome things about NYCC.

Ultimate Comics Comic Book Shop

These guys are the best. Not only do they have the Ultimate Comics exclusive "Walking Dead" #75 variant cover, they also had a handle of Bacardi under their table. These awesome guys from Durham, North Carolina are just about as nice as they come. They have a great selection, decent prices and will make you feel like one of their own. They have two huge stores located in Chapel Hill and Durham, so if you're in the area, stop by and say hi! But don't forget to tell them that Carly in NY says "Whats up?".

The Crazies. 

I don't have a lot of room to talk here, seeing as I was dressed up as a fictional comic book character and all, but comic cons bring out the crazies. So does NYC. There were so many awesome costumes this year. Rogues, and Venoms, and those stupid Na'vi things, but nothing compared to the crazies on the street. As I was walking down the street in my Ms. Marvel outfit (like I do), this woman looks at me and yells "Look! It's Space Woman! Oooooh Space Woman! You're my favorite!". This prompted my friends to spend the rest of the weekend referring to me as "Space Woman". Evan T. even created an entire origin and biography for "Space Woman". I have amazing friends.

Ben Templesmith

If you don't know who Ben Templesmith is, you should seriously pick up an issue of "30 Days of Night". Ben and co-creator Steve Niles provide and amazing, scary as hell series about vampires (and not the kind that sparkle). Templesmith's artwork is what attracted me to the series to begin with. Everything he creates is dark and gritty, with an edge. It's honestly something I can't put into words. His most recent project is "Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse", which he wrote and did the artwork for. It's a completely original horror/sci-fi(ish) story, with brilliant artwork. All previous praise aside, here are my top 5 Reasons why Ben Templesmith is awesome:

5) He's Australian. Now boys, I don't know if you know this, but being Australian is an automatic +3 to charisma and +2 to constitution.

4) He's an artist. As someone with minimal artistic ability, I can honestly say I get jealous beyond belief when a person is able to make a career out of creating something astonishing.  I work in a dental office. It's about as far from glamorous as one can get.

3) He's not afraid to admit that he does it for the money. When some super excited, long-winded fan (not myself) approached him and asked him about 3,000 questions, I honestly LOL'ed when the kid asked "So, how involved were you with the whole process of the "Dead Space" video game? Were you happy with the finished product? Blah, blah, blah...", Templesmith, without looking up from the piece he was drawing replied "It was a paycheck."

2) He wears suits. Like, all the time. All boys look better in suits. Period.

1) Because he did this:

I think Ben Templesmith is a good a place as any to say "good evening". Wednesday is D&D night, so there will be a little something special on the blog tomorrow. I'm also hoping that guest author, Evan T.'s account will be activated tomorrow evening, so we can discuss the origin of "Space Woman".

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