Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Love DC Comics.

So, I've decided since the other days of the week are structured, Tuesday is going to be my free day to talk about whatever. Today I'm going to talk about why I love DC comics.

There has been an ongoing battle between DC and Marvel since the beginning of time. The franchises have both been around forever, and each franchise has it's own front runners. The front runners for DC being Superman and Batman, and the front runners for Marvel being The Spider Man and Iron Man. My issue has nothing to do with the front runners, it has to do with probably one of the smallest minority groups the comic book companies are trying to impress: women.

As a chick who likes comic books, I mainly stick to independent comic companies because I feel like most of the independent companies treat women as equals, and not as secretaries. Sure, the women are usually scantily clad, but you know what? Those women can kick ass. I'm talking about Gen 13, Hack/Slash, Fathom and Lady Death.

I feel like as far as Marvel and DC go, DC wins the equality prize hands down. I'm not saying that I don't like Marvel, I'm simply saying that it would be nice to see a strong stand-alone female character in a Marvel story who is not part of an ensemble. For example, Ms. Marvel, Rogue, and Emma Frost have all had their own stand alone series, however, none of these women can actually stand alone. Ms. Marvel is an Avenger and the other two are X-Men. On the other hand, DC comics has had strong independent females leading since 1941 when Wonder Woman first appeared. Catwoman, Zatanna and Supergirl are all examples of a great female lead character as well.

Just over a year ago, DC launched "Gotham City Sirens" to put up against Marvel's all female "Marvel Diva's". When I first saw both of these titles, I immediately ordered one of each. Needless to say, "Marvel Diva's" didn't hold a candle to "Gotham City Sirens". GCS took three of the most badass lady front runners from DC (Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn) and essentially made them room mates. These girls are hot,  and they not only look out for themselves, but each other. They kick ass and take names, fall in love, and steal from Batman. On the flip side Diva's takes three C list (at best) female characters and makes them the Sex in the City girls. The first issue ends with a sentence that's something like "I need to tell you girls something..... I have cancer". I mean, WTF?! Really?! First of all, it's not like it's insulting enough to paint these chicks out to be socialite alcoholics, but the LAST thing I EVER want to think of when I'm reading a comic is about one of the characters having cancer. I read comics as an escape from my life, and a chance to submerge myself into a world I could never live in, not be totally depressed waiting to read issue two where she starts chemotherapy! If I wanted to be depressed like that, I'd watch "The Notebook" or something...

Thank you, Paul Dini.
In closing, if you happen to run a large comic book company and would like to tap a market that needs tapping, PLEASE let me know. I'd love to come and consult for you ;-)

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