Friday, October 15, 2010

Comic Con Hints and Tips by Evan T.

Hello All! I just thought I might drop a little article about New York Comic Con. I hope it's good but I will try to make it not quite as good as C-bomb's articles. I don't want to upstage the Chief. What I'm going to be exploring is more of a few helpful hints for people who have never been to a con, especially one of this size (NYCC had 95,000 in attendance this year, up from 77,000 last year)

Comic Con Helpful Hints and Tips

1) Be ready to have your personal space invaded-If you you are going to a comic book convention then you probably know what your brethren nerds and geeks are at their core; a socially awkward, unwashed horde. These people are going to get real close. Real real close. Uncomfortably close. You will be touched, nudged, bumped and out and out pushed. So be prepared. Although confrontation is an immediate reaction, suppress that urge. Getting kicked out of a place you paid good money to get in is silly. Unless you have purchased everything you wanted already. Then knock a mother out.
Chances are, one of these people will accidentally touch your balls.
2) If you see something neat in a booth, Walk Into That Booth-You are going to see a lot of booths that have things you have never seen before. Things you didn't even know existed. Naturally, you will want to stop to observe these nerd nuggets. And as soon as you stop, I have walked right into you. And the guy behind me into me. And so on. All because you couldn't step off two feet. Are you happy? Are you?
There are no stops in Booth City. Move it, or lose it.
3) Bring water-You wouldn't believe how warm you will get stuffed into a building with a few thousand of your friends. You will be dehydrated. The only water there will cost you four dollars. For a bottle of water. Regular water, not some sort of magic water. So why not bring your own and save yourself four bucks?
$4?! You're joking, right?
4) You might be peeing next to Dr. Who and an Imperial Officer (expect the unexpected)-A lot of weird things are going to happen. You will see people dressed as almost everything. You will see people who should never, ever, be in spandex. This will happen. Until they invent brain bleach, you will need to learn to have a short memory to be able to move about normally.

I always have fun at every con I go to. I hope anyone who is reading this will check out NYCC or any local con's they have going on. It really is worth a little bit of your time.

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