Friday, January 21, 2011

Things You Should Be... Friday

Things You Should Be Listening To...

Wiretap- Wiretap is a great show on the CBC. The host, Jonathan Goldstein is a self-proclaimed "humorist", meaning, if you're looking to be rolling on the floor laughing, you're in the wrong place. However, if you like sarcastic, self-deprecating humor, it's the perfect match for you!

Things You Should Be Watching...

Tosh.0- Tosh.0 is a clip show kind-of like "The Soup". Comedian Daniel Tosh takes the most popular viral videos and basically rips them a new one. This show also offers "web redemptions" to the most embarrassing viral videos out there, giving the people in the video a chance to redeem themselves. Fan-freaking-tastic! Below is my favorite clip from the show

Tosh.0Tuesdays 10pm / 9c
Web Redemption - Crying Giants Fan
Tosh.0 VideosDaniel ToshWeb Redemption

FOOTBALL!- Again, I stress, if you are were not, or have not been in a fantasy football league, please be sure to do so at the end of next Summer when leagues are available. ESPECIALLY if you are a girl who HATES football. I only say this, because if football is important to your guy, you should try and embrace it, because lets face it, football is like, five months, and wouldn't you rather NOT be pissed at your guy for half a year? It's the last football weekend before the Super Bowl, so I suggest you pick your pony and put some money on that hoss! I mean, what fun is betting on the game, if you're not putting your money where your mouth is? ;-)

Things You Should Be Reading...

Angry Little Girls- You could get through this book in like, half hour. This book was loaned to me by Miss Reading Rambo, and I LOVED it. Below is the Amazon description:

Lee created Kim, the angry little Asian girl, for a brief cartoon that was a response to insulting Asian characters in other cartoons. In this collection of her weekly strip, she expands the idea to include a bunch of girls of different races. The book aims for wry humor and occasionally achieves it, as when Xyla, the gloomy girl, says, "The thought of suicide is what keeps me alive." But actual laughs are rare. Lee's minimal drawing style recalls Peanuts, Life in Hell and South Park, and she tries to emulate their tone. Like Peanuts, she gives her child characters adult neuroses, cynical worldviews and a touch of sadness. But her plain approach never reaches that strip's subtlety. Nor does her satire come close to Life in Hell, which at its best was relentless about the state of love, work and childhood in the modern world. Instead, we have a trifle that seems too timid to say much about anything, ironically packaged with a hard cover and heavy, full-color glossy pages.

If you enjoy this book, you should check out the sequel "Still Angry Little Girls".

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