Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Donald Glover!

This weeks Hot Nerd is most well known for playing Troy on Community. What you may not know is that for being only 27, the guy has accomplished a LOT.

In 2006 Donald graduated from NYU with a degree in dramatic writing. This degree helped land him a job writing on the fabulous TV show 30 Rock. In 2009 he was nominated for the Writers Guild of America award for Best Comedy for the work he did on the third season of 30 Rock.

In 2009 Donald's fame grew as he was cast on the TV show Community. His comedic background (Donald is part of the sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy, as well as an aspiring stand-up comedian) helped launch his star even higher.

When casting began on the new Spider-man reboot there was a huge internet campaign calling for Donald to play the title roll in the new film. Both Stan Lee and Brian Michael Bendis supported an audition for him. The role ultimately went to Andrew Garfield, but Donald got the chance to sport a spidey suit in an episode of Community. 

Donald Glover has it all; good looks, a great body, brains, and a fantastic sense of humor. That is why he is this weeks Hot Nerd!

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