Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bow Ties are Cool

So I *finally* sat down and watched the Dr. Who Christmas special for this year, and it was nothing less than awesome. Evan T. and I are constantly having the discussion/argument about which doctor is better; David Tennant or Matt Smith. Evan T. is a Tennant fan through and through, but my love for Matt Smith goes DEEP.

This years Christmas special was very much fantasy. It revolved around "A Christmas Carol" storyline. the plot line was very sweet, and a little steam punk, and I just totally fell for it.

I think the reason I like Matt Smith's "doctor" so much more than David Tennants is because I feel like the Matt Smith doctor is just a generally more laid back dude. I have so many favorite episodes from season 5, whereas, I can hardly recall a single episode from the David Tennant years. The fact that they began filming in HD last season when Matt Smith took over is a big help too. I feel like the previous seasons were filmed in a very "British" way, which makes it harder for me to concentrate.

I just want to say for the record, that I like David Tennant very much, and my love for Dr. Who is all encompassing, so please don't take any of my words as anything malicious against seasons 1-4. Simply put, I enjoy the most current season of Dr. Who because the story telling is amazing, and it's very pretty to look at in HD.

Anyone who has not watched an episode should definitely do it. Later in the week I'll post some of my favorite episodes of the past season, so if you want to do a quick catch up before season 6 starts, it'll be super easy for you.

Hope you all had a safe and happy new year!

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