Monday, January 17, 2011

Nerding 101: Translating British Slang (A-G)

 Good afternoon! So, I've become obsessed with a number of British television shows. "Dr. Who", "Being Human", "How Clean is Your House", and "Torchwood" just to name a few. Before that there was "Extras" and "The Office". While watching these shows, there were a few words that I wasn't familiar with. I figured since I'm not the only British TV loving nerd out there, I'd translate a few words for you in part one of an ongoing "Nerding 101" series. Away we go!

across the pond - in America

answerphone - answering machine

apple and pears - stairs

arse - ass

arse over tit - Head over heels

aye - yeah

back tickler - homosexual

bangers - sausages

barking - crazy

barrister - lawyer

biscuit - cookie

blimey - wow

bob's your uncle - and there you have it

bobbie - policeman

boggart - bogeyman

bollocks - testicles

boxing day - day after Christmas

candy floss - cotton candy

cheeky - rude

cheerio - goodbye

cheers - thank you

chips - fries

cooker - oven

crikey - wow

crisps - chips

daft - absent minded

dodgy - shady
dressing gown - bathrobe

dual carriageway - divided highway

durex - condom

dust-bin-trolley - trash-truck

dustbin - trashcan

dustman - garbage man

fag - cigarette

fanny - ass

fizzy drink - soda

flyover - overpass

footballer - soccer player

footpath - sidewalk

fortnight - two weeks

fringe - bangs

frock - dress

fuzz - police

gearbox - transmission

git - bastard

gob - mouth

gobbing - spitting

gobsmacked - surprised

Hope you enjoyed today's installment! There will be more coming at ya next Monday!