Monday, January 3, 2011

My Obsession with Civ Rev.

 Sid Meyer's Civilization Revolution is probably my favorite video game ever. Why? Well, I honestly have no idea. The game (which came out in 2008) is massively addicting to me. Basically, you start the game as a civilization (English, Mongolian, French, Egyptian, etc.) and you build your civilization from the ground up. Each civilization has different strengths and weaknesses, and the object of the game is to beat the other civilizations in one of four ways to win the game. The four victories being;

Domination Victory-
This one is my favorite. The editor would be more than happy to tell you that one. When I'm in full on domination mode, you'll hear me screaming some pretty colorful things from the living room. In a domination victory the player must capture all of the other civilizations' capital cities. Sounds a lot easier than it is.

Cultural Victory- In a cultural victory the player must obtain a total of 20 great persons (Marie Curie, Mark Twain, etc.), wonders, and/or converted cities in any combination, and build the United Nations wonder.

Economic Victory- In this victory, the player must obtain 20,000 gold, and build the world bank.

Technological Victory- The player must research all technologies necessary to build and launch a space ship, and be the first to reach Alpha Centauri. This is my second favorite because I get to build a space ship.

Sweet-assed Space ship.
 The Game can be played as a multi-player game, however, I like to play solo against the computer. There is such a big delay when you're on Xbox live, that sometimes it takes FOREVER to be your turn, and quite frankly, I don't have any patience. Lack of patience is the reason The Editor shot me down when I said I was going to open a WoW account.

Simply put, this game is super fun, and you'll waste hours of your life playing it. If you're a fan of real-time strategy games or something similar to Sim City, I guarantee you'll like it. Sorry to review a two year old game, but I CANNOT stop playing it. I'll trade it in for Black Ops in a couple weeks, but until then, happy reading!

P.S. Holy shit. I just found out that they have Civ Rev as an iPhone app. Move over Oregon Trail! You've just gotten bumped out of the way as my favorite cell phone game!!