Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Everyone around me has been sick lately. The Editor had the flu a few weeks ago, Cara M. landed herself in the hospital, and everyone else I know is "just getting over that thing going around". The entire time this has been going on, I've been (lovingly) trying to avoid them, taking lots of vitamins, and making a cross with my fingers whenever they come near me. Unfortunately, my time has come. I have been in bed ALL day watching last season of Dr. Who and Top Gear. I feel like my brain is clogged, so I'm going to skip out on the dorkiness tonight, and declare Carly on Comics a Quarantine Zone until further notice. I'll write you as soon as my noggin clears and I'm back to feeling like my old self,. With any luck, that means tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!

Carly on Comics: Proceed with Caution

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