Saturday, December 4, 2010

Watchmen: The Failure by Evan T.

I have just re-watched Watchmen and man, that is some good movie. It is easily the most true to source material comic movie I have ever seen. I'm looking at panels in the book and seeing them on screen, listening to the words that I have read. I really think Zach Snyder's love of this material is what kept it so close to the source. This movie failed in theaters.

Why? Well let me tell you.

This movie was 2 hours and 40 minutes long. Most people have an attention span that cannot follow one minute commercials. Who thought people would be able to sit still for that long? I know what you are saying, Avatar is the highest grossing movie of forever and that movie was 2 hours 40 minutes. Yeah. No disrespect to that movie, I liked it a whole lot and am sure the Chief would call me an Ava-tard. That movie flows a little better and is not handling nearly the story load Watchmen does. It really gets heady.

The thing I blame most for the failure is the source itself. Watchmen is oft sighted as the greatest graphic novel. A creation that changed comics. Which it did. In 1986. The world of comics was very different back then. Hell, the world itself was very different back then. I really feel like people were slightly unimpressed with the movie because things have come since then and been more popular, really diluting the message and themes the book portrayed. I would like to know what the Chief and the Editor think about this subject.
Oh, and even though I did love the movie I didn't care very much for the book. It was hyped up beyond belief to me and I really was not impressed. I think, because, of all the comics and books and movies I had seen before reading it.

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