Friday, December 3, 2010

Red Dead Intervention

Hello all, the editor here making his first appearance. Before I settle in for an evening chock full of shooting bandits with a sleeping damsel on the couch next to me I thought I'd drop some quick knowledge on my current 360 obsession, Red Dead Redemption.

For those of you unaware, the game is basically Grand Theft Auto with horses.  Set in the wild west you play the role of a bandit-turned-bounty hunter John Marston, the cowboy version of Sabu. Much like Grand Theft Auto, the game is sandbox-style. You can complete main story missions, side quests for nutty strangers, or waste 3 hours hunting cougars and playing Liar's Dice. While I am really enjoying the game a lot, I am surprised it has a rating of 95 on Metacritic (a very neat website that compiles reviews of TV/Movies/Vidja Games etc. from many sources). Admittedly I'm only ~40% through the game so far, but I was expecting a more engrossing storyline. Hopefully as I make my way to Mexico the story will pickup, sort of the opposite of season two of Eastbound & Down...

Bottom line, if you enjoyed GTA, you'll happily burn many hours playing Red Dead Redemption!

John Marston, the most homicidal, genocidal, suicidal, death-defying cowboy

The one and only Sabu, hailing from Bombay Michigan!

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