Monday, December 20, 2010

Nerding 101: Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 3- Evan T.'s Holiday Picks! A less expensive model of lightsaber found at Ultra Sabers, the Aeon gives you the ability to have you own lightsaber. Not Obi-Wans. Not Vaders. Yours. And it has a bunch of upgradable stuff if you want to spend even more moneys! Nothing says baller, nothing says bling bling like some gold dice. When you are rolling damage with these bad boys, people know! The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 is the newest battery operated ten shot Nerf weapon. Let the poor and the stupid cock their guns, you have automatic fire! A gift certificate to think geek is a fantastic geek gift. I mean, if you cannot find something to buy there, at any price point, then you are not a geek. Penny Arcade is the premiere web comic and to have five prints hand picked by one of the creators is awesome. Merch from these guys definitely lets people know of your true geek nature. Display them proudly! The new DC themed Heroclix set has just been released. Some of the old school characters are being remade and it's a great set to start on for new players.

BONUS! Yea, they can't actually call it an Avatar fleshlight but it's the "blue alien" fleshlight. Nothing says Merry Christmas like blue alien vagina replicators.

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