Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sacchariferous Thursday!

Hello everyone! Since I've missed the past few Wizarding Wednesdays, I figured I'd make it up to you with some sweet Harry Potter cakes. Hope it doesn't make you too hungry!

Completely amazing Hogwarts cake
I love this one because it has Harry's glasses and Gryffendor scarf, as well as potions, and a golden snitch! Created by WhiplashGirlchild
The Hogwarts Crest by Christy in Orlando, FL
Adorable cake featuring Harry, Hogwarts and Hedwig by Verusca
Outstanding cake featuring Hermoine, Harry, the Sorting Hat and Dobby by Elite Cake Designs

Since tomorrow night is New Years, tomorrow's post may be a little truncated. I can't wait til next week to get back into a groove again!

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