Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sacchariferous Thursday

 Hey everyone! So I was looking at different cakes online today (because deep down in my soul, I am an inspiring baker) for different cool-designed cakes for Miss Cara M.'s upcoming birthday. While looking at all the different sweet stuff it dawned on me that I should post a few of these amazing cakes every week. This will not only satisfy the geek in you, but it'll satisfy the fat kid living in your belly too ;-)

In the spirit of comic books, I thought superhero cakes were a good place to start.

Superman/Batman/Spiderman cake via Geek Cakes

Superman/Batman/Spiderman Cupcakes via Geek Cakes
Thing Rice Krispy cake via
Another Batman/Spiderman/Superman cake via Cake Central
The most amazing Marvel/DC mash-up ever. Uncredited.
Wonder Woman cake via Soozun

I thought I'd just give you guys a little taste of things to come! If you have any submissions of your own for Sacchariferous Thursdays please e-mail them my way!

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