Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rant of the Week...

Hey guys! I was going to throw up our next installment of "Super Heroes from Other Countries", but then the following articles found their way into my life. THIS followed by THIS were posted on Facebook today. Please give them a quick read, and then find your way back here.

As a true fan, these articles really, really bummed me out. Adam Hughes is one of my most favorite artists ever, and J. Scott Campbell is one of The Editors favorites. I just don't understand for the life of me why someone would take advantage of an artists goodwill the way that this scumbag did. I can tell you, he wasn't the only one doing it though.

Remember the article that I wrote Monday about the Boston Con wrap up, and the guy with STACKS of the same comic books for J. Scott Campbell to sign? That guy is right up there with sketch guy. Hell, for all I know, it could be the same person.

It's completely disrespectful to the artist, and the fans who came out to see the artist to behave in this manner. The worst part is that this person (and I'm SURE he's not the first), blatantly LIED to Hughes and Campbell about their love of the work they do.

Later in the week, I'll be posting more info on the campaign that my friend Andy, of Downtown Comics, will be doing in the Fall. That ties in with these articles, because essentially, we will be accepting donations of artwork, comics, action figures, etc. all to raise money for a WONDERFUL cause. Now how are we supposed to approach people about donating to our cause without them being completely skeptical of what we're doing?

When you read the above articles, especially the one written by Adam's partner, you can tell that not doing commissions is not something that Adam really wants to give up, and he knows he's letting his fans down, but at the end of the day, can you blame him? I mean, if everyone could just try a little bit harder to adhere to the golden rule, the world really would be a better place, and shitheads like this wouldn't exist.

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