Saturday, May 7, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Jackie Santaigo!

Jackie is an artist that I have admired for quite some time. I first met Jackie at the Albany Comic Con nearly two years ago. While I was looking for some new artwork to put in the Nerdatorium (AKA spare bedroom/where all of the comic books and action figures reside), I came across Jackie's table. Her art style was so amazing that I HAD to purchase a couple of her prints that second. My first prints were one of Catwoman and one of girl Robin.
  At the next Albany Con there she was again! I needed to get more of her work, so this time I ended up with a Ms. Marvel and a Supergirl. Jackie's style is very cutsy anime-stylized, but at the same time super sexy. She has a way of taking characters that I love, and making them look absolutely amazing. It really really makes me wish that I had any sort of artistic talent.
While initially drawn to illustration by manga artists such as Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess) and CLAMP (Chobits, xxxHolic, etc.), over the years she has expanded her style, inspired by artists which range from the aforementioned Japanese creators to Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn), Adam Hughes, and traditional artists like Alphonse Mucha. She has a style that is uniquely her own, and is completely beautiful.
As previously stated, I have purchased quite a few prints from her, and just recently I commissioned her to make a piece just for me. Her prices are extremely reasonable, and she is able to draw on just about anything. As soon as Jr. is born, you bet I'll be commissioning her to do up a sweet pair of shoes for me! :-)
She's got a lot of cred behind her name. Some of her clients include Brian Pulido, Creator of Lady Death (Tales Told, LLC), Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn, Creators of AWAKENING (Archaia Entertainment), David Rodriguez & Dave Reynolds, Creators of SHADOWGIRLS (Th3rd World Studios), 5finity and  Bad Axe Studios.
Below you will find a bunch of links to Jackie's web pages. Please check them out. Like her on facebook. Heck, buy a print or two! You'll be glad you did!

Jackie can be found:

HERE - at her facebook page

HERE - at her Deviant Art page


HERE - at her personal website

Feel free to e-mail her with any questions or comments on her artwork. She is extremely awesome, easy to work with, and will take the time to thoroughly answer your questions :-)

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