Thursday, May 5, 2011

Evan T. Speaks!

So, I had the good pleasure of attending the Boston Comic Con (along with The Editor and the Carly One). I enjoyed the heck out of it and it really was a good show. They do a lot of things right and a couple things wrong as they do at every con. I also got to see the con from the eyes of a worker as I was working at my friends booth.

As a con goer Boston seems a little small. As much as I hate to admit it Boston is a major city in the country. This con seems just a little bit bigger than the one they run in Albany. Next to NYCC it's teeny. For a con on the east coast within driving distance of some major cities (Philly and NYC). The con also seems like it might need a few con exclusives. Just saying. Also there seemed to be no advertising in the convention center alerting you that a comic convention was, in fact, going on. It seems like it wouldn't be a bad way of getting some more foot traffic into the con.

I think that the small size of the con lead to one of the things I really liked - a family atmosphere. It was great to see so many kids dressed up at the con. Moms, Dads and children all dressed up was something, I tell ya. Just really super fun stuff and I would love to see that stay at the con.

All of that is from the eyes of the convention goer. There are a few things that you don't get to see, however, unless you are actually working the con. Quick shout out to my boy Andy at Downtown Comics who lets me work his both when he does a con. He is an all around cool cat and if you are ever looking for something geeky give him a look up on ebay (downtowncollector) and send him an email of what you want, he'll take care of you.

When you are at a con and you see weirdo guy with glasses talking to himself, you can totally avoid him. Not so when you work a booth. It is easily the most difficult part of working the booth. Watch "Clerks" and pay attention to the part where they talk about stupid questions they get asked. It's real, people. There are a lot of anti social jack offs in the geek circles and they all come out to the con. Woo hoo. Quick tip, if you are at a con booth, don't feel the need to yell, handle merch like it's got the plague, tell people "This way too expensive" or offer them two dollars for something much, much more expensive. They (the weirdos) have that covered.

I love the con and I love working it. I liked tracking down variants (between 2 and 5 bucks!!) and getting some awesome Marvel universe figs. This con has some awesome cosplay going down as well. My favorite was dressed as the female speedy and vintage silk spectre. She was mockingbird last year. Other awesome costumes included Catwoman, Deadpool and the very nice lady in the booth across from us who dressed as Wonder Woman. Apparently she added something to the costume...Sassy pants!

Boston Con is a perfect con to cut your teeth on before something bigger like NYCC or SDCC. I would wholeheartedly suggest it to everyone. It is a blast and I cannot wait to go again next year. Maybe dressed up as a Space Woman villain? I can only hope...

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