Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Bruce Campbell!

Hey everyone! Sorry for missing a post yesterday! I was running all day, and then Nerd Night happened, so I apologize. Anyhoo, on with the show!

This week's Hot Nerd is someone I hold close to my heart because he's from my home state. The super-awesome, hand-shaped state of Michigan.

*GASP!* Is that... Brisco Couty Jr.?!
Born in 1958 to a a homemaker and an amateur actor/billboard inspector, Bruce spent his early years making Super 8 movies with close friend (And now HUGE director) Sam Raimi. The two went to high school, and their love of writing, directing, acting and producing lead them both to extremely successful film careers as adults.

The first large movie Bruce and Sam worked on was Evil Dead. They created this movie on an extermely small budget, and after a glowing review from author Steven King, the movie began to grow in popularity, even becoming the number one movie in Great Britain at one point.

"You ain't got but two things going for ya right now. Jack and shit. And Jack just left town."
The Evil Dead franchise sparked two sequels: Evil Dead II  and Army of Darkness, both of which are widely regarded as "cult classics" and are also credited for creating the "horror-comedy" genre of movies.

As Raimi's success grew, so did Bruce's. Bruce was in a number of other Raimi-directed movies such as Darkman, The Quick and the Dead and most notably all three of the most recent Spider-Man movies.

Army of Darkness comic book
In addition to working on projects with Sam, Bruce also carved a niche for himself in Hollywood, making cameo roles in movies such as Congo, Fargo, McHales Navy, Escape from L.A., Sky High, as well as many more. He has also lent his voice talent to movies such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 

Bruce has also done a TON of television work. He was the title role in the Fox Saturday morning show The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. Bruce also worked on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Xena: Warrior Princess, The X-Files, Charmed, and most recent (and notably) Bruce has had the lead role in Burn Notice.

Quite possibly the best book you'll ever read.
Bruce Campbell has done a lot in his lifetime. From acting, to writing and producing, it seems like he's done it all. If you ever get the chance to read one of his books, I highly suggest you do. Unlike a lot of "Hollywood types", Bruce knows just how lucky he is, and how far hard work can take you. He also seems like a very funny and kind person, and he is known for being great to his fans. His work ethic, paired with his ability to make me laugh is why I've named B list actor Bruce Campbell this weeks Hot Nerd.

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