Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Brea Grant!

Brea Grant is hot. Ever since I first saw her on "Heroes", I was in love. Then, come to find out, she is a total nerd too. I'm not gay, but if I were, she'd totally be my girl.
As far as a bio goes, there isn't really a whole lot about her. She was born in October of 1981, and began appearing on television shows in 2008, with her appearance on "Friday Night Lights". She is best known as Daphne Millbrook (AKA The Speedster) in "Heroes". She is currently wrapping up a few indie flicks, as well as a SyFy movie titled ""Ice Road Terror", which will premiere in June.

She was in school, about ready to graduate and teach history, when she decided to begin taking acting classes. She loved it so much, she never looked back.
In 2010, Brea made her foray into the comic book world by writing We Will Bury You with her brother, Zane Grant. The wonderful *swooon* Mr. Ben Templesmith did the cover artwork for the first issue. The comic is described as follows:

1927: The first talkie ended the silent film era, the first man completed a solo transatlantic flight, and… a zombie virus decimated the human race. Two unlikely heroines use their unorthodox skills to survive as a zombie infection spreads through the streets of New York and beyond. Brea Grant and Zane Grant promise the worst breakup ever and an epic beginning to this historical horror miniseries.

In addition to We Will Bury You, Brea is also currently writing the comic book series Suicide Girls with notorious IDW horror writer Steve Niles. I have yet to pick up any of the work she's done, but if she's in good with Steve Niles AND Ben Templesmith, I'm going to have to pick it up soon.
Brea has a great sense of humor as well. Her blog is a lot like mine and I like that. Instead of limiting herself to just one thing to write about, she writes about a ton of different stuff. THIS may be one of the greatest rants I have ever read in my life. 

In her blog, Brea expresses her love of going to cons and her love for her fans, and that's why I'm making her this weeks Hot Nerd.

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