Friday, February 18, 2011

Odds and Ends With Evan T.!

Things I wanted to write about...
By Evan T.

S.D.C.C. Exclusive Cobra Commander w/ Starscream Jet

So when I was a kid...wait, I still am a kid. O.k., So when I was YOUNGER if you had said to me, "Hey you! Do you want a new G.I. Joe toy which is also a new Transformers toy?" I would have replied "Hell yeah!" at which point I would have gotten into any number of windowless vans just to get a peek. That wish is now coming true this year with this S.D.C.C. exclusive. Cobra Commander, in a proper flight suit and caring Megatron as a gun (!!!!), comes packaged with an airplane in the paint scheme of Starscream. I'm sure Chris Latta (the voice of both the Commander and Starscream) is loving it wherever he is. It is the culmination of two great love, this toy. Now I'm either going to have to make a trek out to San Diego (German for a Whale's Vagina), know someone who is going or allow the scalpers have there way with me. It is a perfect combination of worlds colliding. Almost like if The Rock and Vin Diesel got together and made a flick....oh wait....

Top Gear

O.k., so I know that Carly JUST wrote about it but I cannot bump the Top Gear enough. While America has recently started their own version I am going to speak about the U.K. edition. If you have never, ever seen an episode you are living in the freakin stone age as far as I am concerned. Even if you don't like cars you will be entertained more than Charlie Sheen at the A.V.N. Awards. Just looking at the most recent season the presenters at Top Gear have bought cheap convertibles and driven through the Middle East, come to America with some European super cars and gone through Virginia, raced a Porsche against a Volkswagon beetle dropped from a helicopter, landed a helicopter on a car, faced off against their Australian counterparts, offended the entire country of Mexico and figured out which car you should buy if you are a European gangster. That's five episodes, so far. Get on Netflix and catch up with seasons 9 - 12 or maybe you know people, People who know people who rob the internets of television shows. Ask them for some seasons. You will be glad you did.

Captain America and The Avengers

O.k. So if you read the blog, which I assume you do because you are reading it right now, you know that Captain America is coming to theaters this year. There is going to be a video game tie in. It might be good but more than likely it will not be any good for anything but a coaster. That's why I went back in time and picked up, on ebay, a copy of this game. It started life as a coin op four player arcade game which was translated to Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy and Game Gear. You got to choose to control Iron Man, Hawkeye, Vision and the good Captain himself as you battled through classic villains like Mandarin, Whirlwind, Red Skull, Ultron and Crossbones (among others) in side scrolling glory reminiscent to the X-Men arcade game.The game also has some great, and by great I mean horribly great, voice acting. A lot like Resident Evil. If this game sounds like something you would like to check out I suggest you pick up a copy now before the movie comes out and the prices spike.

Avengers Assemble!

So while I was checking out the things that are not booty shaking videos on Youtube I came across this hilarious little web show (Youtube Channel: avengersweb). It's episode run from three to four minutes and involve various members of the Avengers team. Each member is a spoof version of themselves. Iron Man is always drinking, Hawkeye is a horn dog, Captain America uses racial terms your grandfather would use and Ms. Marvel is constantly ignored or belittled. The episodes are quick and fun and the run the range from the B.P. oil spill to health care to carpooling. Like these good people on Facebook and check out their stuff. Hopefully we can get some more of these episodes.

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