Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Although, to me, it's more like "Happy going-to-listen-to-a-lecture-about-Watson-on-Jeopardy! Day. I'll be bringing my little steno notepad to the EMPAC center this evening and listening to a couple of panels on "Watson" by IBM. After the panel, I'll be watching Jeopardy! on a big assed screen. *Swoon* I love Alex Trebek in 1080p... Watson is an artificial intelligence computer engineered to understand logic. Watson takes on Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter starting tonight at 7:30 for the next three days. I will sooooo be watching that.

In the spirit of Valentines day, I thought I'd share something with you. Yesterday, as The Editor and I were watching The Soup, they showed a clip of the William Shatner talk show called Shatner's Raw Nerve. Basically, the Shat is his normal crazy self, just interviewing other celebrities. However, as I was watching, his couch reminded me of something.... Let's see if you can pick up on it.

If you said "LOVE TOILET FROM SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!", congratulations. You win! In the spirit of Valentines day, I would just like to remind you all to share everything with the one you love. xoxo

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