Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comic Recommendation of the Week: Superman: Earth One

 Superman: Earth One is yet another retelling of the origins of Superman. However, instead of discussing the "early years" of Clark Kent the story begins when Clark is 20. The story begins with Clark moving to Metropolis and trying to find a job. He applies at numerous places where his skills can be utilized (solving complex equations for laboratories, trying out for professional sporting teams, etc.), but all he really wants is to be a journalist for The Daily Plant.

After Perry White tells him that they're not looking for anyone, Clark becomes depressed. He calls his mother and begins talking about his "identity crisis" with her. Like any good mother, Martha tells Clark that he should do whatever makes him happiest, she'll be proud of him no matter what. We find out through this conversation that Clark is not only struggling with his work life, but he is also having a hard time figuring out where he fits in everyday human life. Martha explains that she and his father had always discussed the day when the world would need him, but exposing himself for what he is had to be a decision that he made himself. During this discussion we also find out that John and Martha found Clark while hiking in the woods one day. During their hike they came across a crash site, and found the baby. They passed the baby off as Martha's nephew, so there was no need to explain here he came from.

The next day on a military base, Major Sandra Lee is inspecting debris found from Clarks crash site from years ago, which has been regenerating and repairing itself over the last 20 years. As this is happening, Clark learns that his apartment is on fire, and he goes to grab his "costume" his mother made him out of the blanket he was found wrapped in. When Clark exits the apartment, he is knocked unconscious, and suddenly memories of Krypton, fill his head, including the memory of when his birth parents said goodbye, and Krypton was destroyed.

Cue the evil attacking aliens lead by Tyrell. Tyrell was from a planet (Dehron) that had always been in competition with Krypton, until the day came when Dehron "assassinated" Krypton. When the planet of Dehron was informed of Clark's escape, Tyrell was sent out to destroy the last son of Krypton.

Flash forward, Clark kicks some serious alien butt, the world is saved (for now), and Clark Kent manages to get the interview of a lifetime with Superman, which lands him the job at The Daily Planet.

I thought this was an amazing retelling of the story. The story itself, combined with the artwork made for one completely unboring, very exciting version of a story that we've heard a million times.

This was the first issue of DC's now ongoing series "DC: Earth One", which is basically an updated retelling of your favorite superheroes origins made for a new generation of readers. I, for one, will be purchasing all of them as they come out. But don't take my word for it! (Sorry, couldn't resist, since Lavaar Burton was on Community this week)

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