Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Shirley Manson!

Shirley Manson. That is a name I first became aware of almost 16 years ago. I've been a fan ever since. The Chief has asked me to write up an article and I am more than happy to oblige.

The (IMHO) beautiful Scottish Shirley Manson was originally in a band called Goodbye, Mr. Mackenzie. After working with that band on keyboard and back up vocals she moved on to lead vocals with Angelfish. Angelfish would receive some moderate college airplay and it was through this that she would be noticed by Steve Marker. He was putting a band together and thought Shirley would be a great lead singer.That band was Garbage.

Garbage would go on to receive multiple award nominations for its four studio albums (Garbage, Version 2.0, Beautiful Garbage and Bleed Like Me). They would also contribute original songs to the Romeo and Juliet and The World is Not Enough soundtracks. They also have a best of album (Absolute Garbage). Recently, Miss Manson has been recording solo tracks for an album. Oh, and she was a terminator.

After being asked to by the series creator of Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Shirley audition and got the role of business executive Catherine Weaver who is revealed to be....a T-1000. Oh, and she was an unlockable character in Guitar Hero 5. Nerd cred? I think so.

Not many people have a resume like Shirley Manson. Keyboardist, singer, ginger, songwriter, video game character and terminator. Can you see why I have been a tried and true fan?

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