Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saccheraferious Thursday: Star Wars Edition Pt. 2

Good morning kiddies! Since I have seemingly woke up in my last month of pregnancy with the worlds worst allergies, in addition to already having stayed up late due to the Stanley Cup finals (YAY Boston!), and having the nerds over last night, I'm not feeling super motivated. I'm actually feeling like I got hit by a small bus. Methinks my day will consist of laying on the couch and watching "Arrested Development" for the 12,598th time.

Since Evan T. is on vacation for the next week, and we have no one to run the "Star Wars" RPG game next week, I'm going to pour one out for missing a week of it, and give you some super awesome cakes in it's memory. Apologies if I mislabel some of these. I was attempting to learn some of the "Star Wars" races last night, but it just turned into me making a bunch of the Storm Trooper minis look like they were doing the YMCA...







For not seeing the movies, I'm not too bad at this, eh? I couldn't find a Roodian or a Gamorrean Guard OR a Boba Fett, so these had to do for now... However, all of those give me some spectacular ideas for cakes I can make in the future!