Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello again kiddies! So, regarding that whole "big news" thing I was talking about yesterday.... The wonderful Mr. Swank-mo-tron over at Big Shiny Robot offered me a weekly column. This doesn't mean that I'm not going to post here, it just means that there will be more Carly to love! Big Shiny Robot is a fantastic website that caters to all things nerd, and they've been great to me thus far.

I will be starting up a weekly comics review column for them starting later on this week, and I'll be adding links on here, to that site when I do. I'll also be doing some of the East Coast nerd coverage for them as well, including things like Boston and New York Comic Cons, and hopefully some Wizard Worlds. I will be posting under the name "Wonderbot", and I expect all of you to follow me there as well! :-)

HERE is my Big Shiny introduction.

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