Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Simon Pegg!

This is one of my most favorite British geeks. Not to mention a fabulous writer, actor, director and producer

Simon Pegg first entered my world back in 2004 when he played the title role of Shaun in "Shaun of the Dead". He has the ability to make me laugh no matter what, and to me, he is also one of the most attractive (albeit nerdy) guys to come out of the UK.

Simon Pegg was born in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, England on Valentines Day. After high school, Pegg went on to university to study drama. While attending the University of Bristol, he was a part of the Drama Society, and also wrote his thesis on "A Marxist overview of 1970's cinema and hegemonic discourses". He also studied English lit and performance arts at Stratton-on-Avon College.

Simon began as a stand-up artist, then moved onto bigger projects. Thefirst notable project he worked on was a television series called Spaced, which he created and co-wrote and Jessica Stevenson. Pegg's best friend, Nick Frost was brought in to co-star in the series. Edgar Wright (who went on to direct "Scott Pilgirm vs. The World") was also director on the show.

In 2004, Pegg and Edgar Wright co-wrote the horror-romance story "Shaun of the Dead", which also starred Nick Frost. The release of this film launched all three of their careers even higher.

Since "Shaun of the Dead", Pegg has managed to make a huge name for himself, in Britain, as well as the states. Some of Pegg's other credits include, Band of Brothers, Dr. Who, I'm Alan Partridge, Mission Impossible III, Hot fuzz (again with Nick Frost), and Run Fat Boy Run. 

In 2009, Pegg co-starred in the J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" movie, playing the role of Scotty. This was a role that would prove he could certainly cut-it in Hollywood.  He will be reprising this role in the next movie, due out in June of 2012.

Another fun fact: In the comic book series "The Boys" his likeness was used as the character of Wee Hughie without Simon's permission. However, instead of going all "lawsuit" on the creators, Pegg has instead become a HUGE fan of the series, and even wrote the intro for the first trade. How awesome is that?!

A self proclaimed, "life long nerd" Pegg is one of the most awesome people in the film world right now. His likeability, paired with his kindness and dorkiness is the reason I chose Simon Pegg as this weeks Hot Nerd.

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