Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: The Fantastic Four

Hello! Welcome back kids! Today we will be looking at The Fantastic Four. Admittedly, I have not read the current series, so I had to do a little bit of research on this one before posting. Last month Marvel decided to kill off The Human Torch, thus making them The Fantastic Three. Well, apparently, a superhero team cannot function on just three people, so they've already replaced the Human Torch... With Spiderman.

Yup, your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman, as of March 1st, is now part of two different teams. Fantastic Four and The Avengers. I don't really get it. I understand the wanting to kill off a character. It generated buzz and revenue for your company. Remember when they killed off Captain America a few years ago? Yeah. How long did that guy stay dead? I'm not saying that killing off a key character is unworkable, I'm simply saying, "Spiderman? Really?".

I guess I don't get why ol' Peter Parker is the chosen one. I mean, the guy has three of his own titles at the moment, why does he have to hone in on FF territory too? More than anything I feel like Marvel is whoring Spiderman out. Big time. There is a reboot movie on the way (after NO ONE could get their shit together to pull together a fourth in the original series), and a failing Broadway show. I suppose it's name recognition or something.

It's just that I find Spiderman soooo lame. I mean, I get the bubblegum factor. He's the sweet orphan boy next door who got chewed on by a radioactive spider. How cute is that? You've heard his story told and retold so many times, it's starting to border on Super Man territory where you just get to the point where you're like "Enough already! Can't SOMEONE just kill this guy?".

If killing off Johnny Storm wasn't enough, the FF no longer stands for "Fantastic Four", it now stands for "Future Foundation". Supposedly an homage to the late Human Torch. At the end of the day though, Marvel found a way to increase sales, so good for them . If it's anything we've learned from killing off iconic characters from years past, it's that Human Torch won't be dead very long.

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