Friday, March 4, 2011

Video Games!

I was thinking about today's "What You Should be... Friday", and since I've been sick all week, I haven't really done a whole lot of research. Instead, I've decided to give you a couple of video game recommendations, since I've been playing a lot of those lately. Enjoy!

NBA Jam- We bought the updated version of the 1993 game about a month ago, and it's sooooo much fun to play. We're not huge sports fans, and we're certainly not NBA fans at all, but this game is a blast to play. It doesn't take a whole lot of time to get through a season, and like the original, you can play with any team you want. After you play "X" amount of of games, you start unlocking "Legends" like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. There are also a variety of other games you can play within the game such as dunking competitions and "HORSE". It's a pretty fun game and the nostalgia factor is through the roof.

 You Don't Know Jack- After Microsoft decided to discontinue "1 vs. 100" from Xbox live, we needed a new trivia game to play. It's super fun to play, however, unlike 1 vs 100, instead of playing against a bunch of people in the online world, you're playing against a few of your friends. The reason I prefer the 1 vs 100  model is because it gives the whole room an opportunity to shout out an answer. However, from what I understand, you can play "Jack" online, and get the same type of deal. You Don't Know Jack, is superfun if you are like me and enjoy fast paced trivia.

 Dance Central- Let me just tell you... I friggen' LOVE my Kinect. Dance Central is one of the most fun games out there. You can play it alone, or with a group, and the results are always hilarious. I like this game because it's a good workout, the music is great, and they have a "training" program to help you learn the moves, so you aren't doing it completely on the fly if you don't want to. They also have dance battles, if you're someone who thinks they can do well with that. Basically, you select a song, an avatar appears on screen, and you do what the avatar tells you to. It's kind of like Rock Band or Guitar Hero in that, it will let you know when you make a wrong move. In every song there is a 10 second or so pause where you just get to make up dance moves, and it replays the ridiculousness when you're done preforming. So. Much. Fun!

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