Friday, March 25, 2011

The Curious Case of the Pink XBox Controller...

So, The Editor and I were talking yesterday, and apparently, Microsoft is discounting their wireless controllers. The Editor managed to find them online through Walmart for $30 a piece, which is a total steal. Since our controllers are about 3.5 years old, and have probably 8,000 hours on them, we decided to order up some new ones. One problem: they only offer the controller in black.

While searching online I managed to find black, white and some sort of chrome color. I'm very particular about my controller, since it's become an extension of myself, and I absolutely TREASURE my pink controller. It seems that Microsoft no longer makes the pink or blue controller, and that makes me very sad.

My preeeeeecious....
Once again, I'm feeling like it's a boys world. You can go to Best Buy or Toys R Us or Walmart on any given day and see black, white, dragon painted, and Halo controllers, but what about something for the ladies? Not to make it sound like us girls COULDN'T use the black, white or Halo ones, it's just nice, as a gamer girl, to be be able to have something made specifically for us. Sure, I know I'm a sucker for marketing, but I'm a girl, and I like pink! I also like the fact that when we have people over, the boys aren't putting their grubby fingers all over MY controller.

Speaking of marketing, The Editor thinks that the reason they no longer make pink controllers is because they didn't sell well. I'd like to call bullshit on that one. Sure, they may not have sold well, but it's not because they weren't in demand, it's because most of us didn't know it existed. The pink controller was something that was special ordered through Amazon, and I can honestly say, I've NEVER seen one in a store. Every girl who has seen my controller is envious, and expresses that they would have bought one, had they known about it. Sony is doing the same thing. They offer a cotton candy pink controller for the Playstation, and to this day, the only place Cara M. and I have been able to find it is at Past Time Legends, a used video game store in Albany.
Even prettier pink than it's Microsoft counterpart...

The Editor and I did come to a solution with my pink controller problem however. We're going to pry off the pink case, and switch the guts out with the new controller. It would be nice if I could get an updated pink controller, and not have to pry the guts out of my old one, but until marketing departments realize that girls like to play video games too, I'll just have to deal. Problem solved.

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