Monday, March 28, 2011

Evan T. Goes to the Movies! Battle: Los Angeles

Movie season is kicking it up into high gear and the movies are coming quick out the gate. I'm going to give a little review of Battle: Los Angeles. If you will remember the summer movie rundown I did a little while back and this was one I was getting excited about. Standard movie reviewing will apply.

Action From the Word Go - Battle: Los Angeles (I'm going to abbreviate that to B:LA) does not make you wait long to get into the action. Much like the movie B:LA was being compared to before it's release, Black Hawk Down, B:LA gives you a quick, quick background and goes right to the Marines vs aliens fighting. it runs with that for the rest of the film so if you are an action junkie all you have to do is get through the first 12 minutes and you are going to be on the ride for the rest of the time. The fights are shot gritty, like a war movie. If this is the face of the new alien invasion flick I can't wait to see what else comes.

Everyone Plays Their Part Well - There is not any new ground being broken here, story wise. I will debate anyone, however, on the fact that all the cookie cutter roles are played well by the actors in those roles. Gritty seargant? Check. Green new lieutenant? Check. Tough as nails female? Check. Kid in a war who needs protecting? Check. All your favorites are there. The actors and actresses in the rolse really just make it all work for your viewing pleasure. No award winning stuff but noting that is bad bad bad.

America....F#&K Yeah! - This movie is a total 'Merica movie. I really dig that. I've been waiting a while for a military movie that is like something from the 80's where it was America rules, suck it! I might be in a total minority here but I totally loved that part so much, it was really really fun for me.

All told I loved this flick and I would see it again in a second. It's a great popcorn flick and if you go into it knowing that you will not be dissapointed, I guarentee it. Man, you are gonna have fun watching the movie, for sure. Aliens suck, go U.S.A!

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